Clio Rouge Heel Velvet - swatches/review!


Have been dropping by Watsons plentiful lately and managed to pick these two up! I always follow official accounts so I know Clio launched these in Korea many months ago! I kept seeingthem on IG and really wanted to try them. I am very amused by how my choice of lipstick shades has shifted over time. I used to go for the pinks and the brighter colors but now any rose-brown shades, I grab. These two are NOT the same colors okay HAHAHAH


See! One is more of a rosy-brown and the other is more rose-red haha

I actually tried it on just to see the colors and I quite like the texture! Velvet-matte but a’lil drying. Still, nothing is as drying as 3CE ones lah. This actually feel pretty soft on the lips.


Matched 08 to my pretty rust thick af cardigan. Aside from the cinemas, I honestly dk where I can wear this to. But it was SO pretty and soft, I had to get it. Flo got 2 okay. But apparently her office is comparable to SnowCity. 

Ok, anyws, back to the lipstick.


I actually quite like it! It’s a tad drying and emphasized all my dry spots but it doesn’t FEEL drying. It is pretty lightweight and doesn’t feel like much so if you have lips that don’t give u issues, I think the shades available for these are really nice!