Mar 2018 Faves

I can’t believe 1/4 of the year has just passed like that. 

I didn’t manage to do a Feb faves cause I realized nth much leh. I was too busy enjoying the month to try new stuff or do any proper reviews. But this month, I tried a TON of new stuff - makeup and skincare, alr wrote quite a few reviews and have more coming up. 

Today, I thought I’d share my March faves! Some of it were covered in my last review for Canmake so I’ll just breeze through them cause it’s just here.


First up is this base product that I kenot stop using. Like I can’t. I want to use smth else but I just reach for this. It’s just ultimate perfect base for me. 

Matte but with a glow, super skin-like and totally my-skin-but-better, evened out skintone + reduce redness, lasts up to 7 hours on me without blotting. It’s my HG. I’m gonna go Japan and buy all the Canmake BB creams I can find lol.


The next one is an accompanying product, I feel. I can’t live without this compact and I use it more for touch-up! I call this my photoshop-wand lol. 

I just need to dab on areas where I’m getting oily and feel like my base just doesn’t look as good anymore and voila! I look super fresh again.

I’m using this in the shade MP and there’s also the shade MO (for fairer skin) and MB (darkest shade available)!


Next favourite is the Laneige Two Tone Contouring Bar in 01! It’s SO LOVELY to use. Very convenient cause it’s cream, color’s a great match and packaging is ultimate cute. I’ve been using it on lazy days and even when I’m dressing up, I use this first before layering powder contour above so my contour can lasts longer! 

This is really a great product for beginners, as most cream contour sticks are. Just that this shade is really suitable for me and matches me super well.


Waseyo (IG @/waseyosg) sent this over and I haven’t really tried the toner long enough to review it but oh lord, this cleanser. 

Y’all know I’m mighty fussy about my cleansers and I have 8 bottles of my Neutrogena cleanser stocked up cause I love that and I’m constantly worried it will run out. (Plus I’m excessive af) 

I generally only have 1 criteria for cleansers - low pH (preferably 4-5) and give me a nice soft clean feeling without the dryness. Not hard what! Lol. 

I like the Laneige gel cleanser and the Skinceuticals B+A cleansing gel too but they just...idk. Don’t hit the spot. Like they are in the right pH but there’s smth that’s not perfect. 

Waseyo sent me the huangjisoo Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser (moisturizing). There’s several others but I’ll only be reviewing this lah haha

So the first thing I did, as per usual when I get a new cleanser, is to test the pH using pH strips. This came to a nice 4/5 so I was very pleased! Not a lot of foam cleansers have a low-pH. 

And omggggggggggg.

This makes my skin feel SO CLEAN. Like my skin feels so clean and smooth and soft. Omg I couldn’t stop touching my face cause I was damn shock leh! Like it felt really....clean. I can’t explain it. 

When I dried it, there’s wasn’t any dryness or right sensation and omg omg new favourite cleanser. Like I can’t wait to use it every night yknow! I use it in-conjunction with my Foreo esp if I’m using makeup and cleanest skin ever.