Aug 2017 Faves

This month's has been busy busy and I've been on a crazy schedule trying out new products cause the amount of new stuff I have to try is just...mad. My husband always ask me how I can own so much face stuff with just one face. I also want to know 🌚

I don't have an excel sheet (yet) and that's just cause I'm really old school and I like pen and paper. I've been dating and taking notes of products and results and I feel like I'm going abit crazy HAHAHA buuuut, I'm almost there. Slowly but surely.


Let's talk about this month's favourites! Some are pretty new but they have been religiously included in my routine and replacing any other current products I was using so I'm pretty excited to share them. 

There's ALOT of base products and it's not about 1 single one - I feel? More of a cohesiveness between several working together and just giving me THE base I desire. 


This combo from Laneige is so pretty together. Plus it's so insanely quick to put them together - it totally cuts down my makeup routine time by half. 

I've been trying out the ideal shadow quads one by one but by far, No. 2 in Cafe Solo stole my heart. It has neutral browns that are so easy to use plus it comes with a good mix of light and dark shades. I'll show all the swatches at once after I try them all out but for now....


Lemme show u a quick look that I used this to create. 

It's a ridiculously easy gradient look and I utilize all the shades in there. Took me 5 mins cause the shades are so blendable and pigmented so I don't have to work hard at making them look good. 

They are so good for day looks and if I wanna make them work for night time, I just darken the outer corners maybe a'lil? Urrgh. I had to stop myself from continuously using this just so I can try the other palettes lol


Not to mention that cause the eyes are so neutral and simple, I can wear No. 2 Red Cashmere all day every day. 

I LOVE RED CASHMERE. Do u feel me. I love it. It's BEAUTIFUL. The formula is soooo much better - pigmented and velvety β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️ I love it.


If you haven't read my detailed review on this, it's here.

Go watch the video where I tried to smudged it to no avail haha it's freaking amazing. 

I've been wearing it alllllll the time and NO SMUDGES πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ I've thrown my beloved NYX Tres Jolie and Beauty People one aside for this. And believe me, I'm gonna stock up when sales come for this. It's AMAZING.


Ok, where do I start with this? 

I'll do it in the sequence I use them in okay. Easier to understand. This 4 products have given me THE base. THE base lasts for 16 hours and remains πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ which is really what I need in a base so my other stuff like blush, contour etc. can stay on without budging. That's just really it?? Sounds simple but really not that easy to find. 

First up, this sunscreen. OMFG SJHSHSKSIJ. I'm backing this shit up. If they ever stop producing this, I think I'll just die. I'm not shitting you. 

This is a physical sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide so yes, there is a white cast. But the white cast isn't scary - it has a brightening effect and the cast actually don't get worse when I layer on sunscreen. 

What's amazing is this keeps my face matte but not flat. It has AMAZING oil control properties on me. It doesn't dry down like those with alcohol so if u touch the after, it doesn't feel dry and rather, it has a very slight tacky base (which really helps with the foundation, I feel). However, I do feel like it is ALITTLE but drying by the 4th hour onwards so I do use a mist throughout the day. Those with dry skin MIGHT not like it as much but oily/combi skin? Y'all need to try this shit out.

It has pretty decent ingredients like chia seed, gota kula and cordata extract which are good for acne-prone skin, has anti-aging properties and is calming too. Like omg, this is THE SHIT. 

With this as a sunscreen and acting as a primer, I only use a small pump of the Laneige Water Glow Base Corrector in Light Green on my cheeks and around my nose to counter the redness. 

I don't understand how P:rem do it but omg, all companies need to go and learn from them. I don't even use a primer anymore because this holds my makeup SO WELL. Idgi. What is this made of. I got it on Shopee and tbh, it's v fairly priced, I feel. I think it's around $30 and the bottle is humongous for a sunscreen. Lol my husband got a shock when I told him it was that. He thought it was 'some kind of lotion' πŸ˜‚ Yay thanks, Li Han for the recommendation~ Me luvz it. 

Then I go in with my current fave - the Laneige Water Glow Gel Foundation. This evens out my skin tone and blurs my pores. The oil control is rather decent too so I didn't get any breaking apart of foundation.

(I tried the same combo of sunscreen + base corrector with the SWS Perfecting Cushion and it still became a'lil oily after several hours so it's really the Laneige foundation!)


Lastly, I gently dust a light layer with the Mamonde Cotton Veil Powder. At first, I thought this was just like any regular loose powder but NOOOOO. 

If u have been reading for a while, u know that my Innisfree No Sebum loose powder is my HG status. I even use it as dry shampoo if necessary. But recently, it hasn't been doing very well for my undereye areas esp. with concealer on just cause my undereyes are SO DAMN DRY.

I'm not blaming the Innisfree product, it's my undereyes area. It is very very dry and when I use the loose powder to bake, it just cracks up my concealer and emphasizes a lot of lines. 

This Mamonde one tho πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ˜±πŸ˜πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ I kenot express in words. I wanna scream it to the world and have everyone know that OMG THIS IS DAMN GOOD I WANT TO CRY 😭 

I believe it is cause the product is WAAAAAAYYYY finer and for some reason, softer. When I use it to set my undereye areas, it doesn't dry it up and doesn't crack any of my concealer up. It sets my undereyes BEAUTIFULLY and don't settle into fine lines. Wah I can really go on describing it but you guys need to try this shit out. 

I also follow Pony's method by using a very light layer on the puff and gently roll and dab on my tzone after I'm done to rid the excess sebum. 

This keeps the area nice and matte but not overly flat and also, all the oil at bay. 

Omg this is more than HG now. I feel like I can't live without it.


A random insertion of skincare. I bought this CNP Propolis Ampule on a whim cause i don't own any propolis product and I wanted to try it out. 

Contrary to what the brand states, propolis is not 'honey essence' and it's actually a natural resin produced by honeybees. And what's freaking amazing is this product contains 10% Propolis extract. Gimme gimme. 

Propolis has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing effects. However, do be aware that if you're allergic to honey and of sorts, pls pls pls patch test first before diving deep down into this. Don't just patch test once ok, do patch test for a week just to make sure your skin is adapting and reacting well to it. 

I've since realized my painful, unexpected breakouts were due to a new product I was trying out. Since removing that and adding this, I realize that spots were healing MUCH faster and so were the scars. ***Do note that I also used acids to aid in the recovery so this alone wouldn't be sufficient to clear up breakouts.***

It just really helped with the healing process, I feel. 

I also like how soft my skin is after using this and my skin has this bounce to it. It has also helped alittle in unevenness! It's quite ridiculous and omg totally my new favourite serum! Just abit sad that it's in such a small bottle for the price (I think it's around $40+?)

I've been doing faves every month and I think I'm gonna start doing a 'Products that failed me' or smth along that line. So basically stuff that didn't work as well as I hoped?? I also wanna do a skincare routine update!