June + July 2017 Faves


Chilling at the lounge so I got some free time! Gonna do a quick combined June/July faves. 

I had to be very selective in choosing which makeup to bring back and which to ship back, and cause of that, I've fallen back in love with a lot of old products that I've chucked aside for newer loves. I also have some home-faves too. 

Gonna start with some makeup first! These are also what I packed for this mini trip to Viet. When I like smth, I tend to use it excessively until I get a new replacement to play with. Is this 喜新厌旧. No leh, I don't hate the old. I just temporarily put them aside lol.

Here's a combined post for june/July!

NYX Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo (Taupe/Ivory) 

I completely forgot how natural this looks and how easy it is to use. Plus the contour shade is 👌🏼 and works really well for my skin tone. If u have cooler undertones, this would be great as a contour shade.

I like just dotting the product hugging my cheekbones and then using my RT sponge to blend it out. I prefer using sponge than brush when it comes to this cause the damp sponge absorbs the excess and makes it look more natural and less in-your-face. 

The Colourpop Contour Stix (Dove) is damn easy to use but this definitely suits my skintone more.

The entire LA trip, I was using my Tarte Shape Tape/Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer combo but ever since coming back, that combo has not been working out very well cause

1. My skin is oiler and the concealer don't really sit very well with the oil and settles into the fine lines
2. I'm naturally redder cause it's warmer so it has been looking very pasty. 

Went to find my old concealers and omg I forgot how much I LOVE the Bourjois one.


It's way more hydrating and doesn't settle into lines as much. It's also really brightening and just a few dots of this under my eyes cancel out a lot of darkness. Plus the tone of the concealer (Ivory) kinda neutralizes any darkness but don't make it pasty as well. 

The shade (Ivory) is just nice for me and I don't have to set it as heavily compared to my earlier combo, just cause it doesn't settle into fine lines as much. 

For the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (Ivory), it matches my skin tone super well and I've just been placing some on my cheeks and cause of the yellow undertone, it cancels out the redness really quickly. After a few hours when my natural oil comes though, it looks even better and doesn't oxidize on me at all. Current HG base product for sure 🙆🏻 I think they just brought this in right?? I saw it in Tampines Watsons!

My recent lash compliments have affirmed that this mascara IS THE BOMB EVER. 

I'm trying to recall a mascara that ever made me feel this way and the closest one is L'Oréal Telescopic. But even that don't give me as much volume as this.

Like, check out that volume and length 😍😍😍 Words can't express my love for this. I know why youtubers are raving about this non-stop now lor. It really is so good, I wanna cry everytime I use it.

A random home-fave. I chanced upon this in Daiso and erm, lavender-scented plus $2. Okay, buy. LOL. It's damn easy to sway me hahaha

And tbh, I don't use this to truly clean the floor cause it's kinda useless but I like using it just to give the room floor a quick wipe before actual floor-mopping days. It smells soooo nice! The lavender smell is not the fake kind k. It really smells v v lovely. I think there's other scent but I've only tried this so far and I alr bought a backup.

I mentioned this earring holder in my mini room tour post and I've also provided more pics and explanation in that post! It's really proven to be so useful. I'm definitely looking to get another one cause this is so full alr. Luv it. Super useful and aesthetically pleasing leh.

I don't really buy branded bags cause erm I prefer to see my money on my face 😂 but I think I lusted over this ever since I saw it on Pinterest a few years ago. The nude one is the one that caught my eye and a lot of places don't carry it. Some sales assistant don't even know there's a nude one! They only know of the blush one. 

The blush one also damn bae but I want a shade that's classic and easy to match. When my SIL told me she found it for me plus got discount, I HAD TO LAH. 

Yay to having a sister working in the fashion industry. Plus now I have access to her bags leh 🙊😂 they are all very swoon-worthy okay. 

Anyw, it's damn worth it cause I paid less than $1.5K for it. You know the feeling of buying smth really pretty at a really good price? Cheap thrill, that's what it's called HAHA It's really quite spacious and I've been using it a lot lately just no time for ootds.

Can't believe July is past us just like that and we have almost left Boston for a MONTH 😭I miss my second home so much but I'm glad we are home-home. I can meet my family any time I want, can bring Paris for walks anytime, can eat nasi lemak and poh piahs ANY TIME and I can go on and on. Life's good 💕