April 2017 Faves

Jumping right into this month's faves~

If you're expecting this, you are right! I haven't not used this whenever I go out. I keep wanting to use other stuff but my hand keeps going back to this. I freaking LOVE this. Especially now with my redness and scarring more 'contained', I get the option of of not wearing foundation and just dab this on.

It's super light and doesn't feel like makeup at all. It takes away majority of my redness and leaves me with Clear even skin. It doesn't irritate or clog either and it's just DARLING AND MY ULTIMATE HG.

I also cannot get over this sheet mask. Nothing I used have even came close to this brightening abilities.


I was a glowy bulb, the freaking star in the sky if u must. 

But I must say, I have had a lot of Insta-DMs and emails letting me know that the bottled version of this as a first essence works brilliantly too! It's really brightening so I would think that a sheet mask infused with that would be extra brightening hahaha

This is my HG mask no. 2 and it has quite different purpose compared to the above one. This is a hanbang mask which means it uses traditional ingredients - think ginseng and such. 

This has AMAZEBALLS calming effect and brings this glow to my skin and keeps it that way for quite a while. Not to mention this mask's material is my favouritest favourite.

This is how zen my skin looks in the morning after using the mask. Just chill af yknow. They are kinda pricy and I like to keep them for special occasions.

(I just use this and I took before/after!) 

So here's this mask's before and after. It's super super soothing and reduces redness like mad. It also gives u that brightening glow

My only makeup fave for this month! I'm IN LOVE with this. No wonder it's always OOS. This has taken a permanent spot in my bag. I normally carry a lip balm, a Laneige twotoned lip tint and a liquid lipstick. But I'm growing out of my love for the third one and this super comfy formula has taken that spot. I can't stop using this omg.