May 2017 Faves

Idk how but it's the end of the month again. Days are just disappearing right before my eyes leh. I need to buck up! 

I was stuck in a rut the past month but I'm done. I'm done being stuck cause that's just a feeling I can shake off. I have so many exciting stuff planned out plus going home so nothing to be 'stuck' about lah.

So I got down to hustling and did my May favourites for this month - it's a short one but forgive me pls 🙏🏼 We are in the midst of finding subletters, listing furnitures on Craigslist, vacuum-storaging all our winter coats and I swear it never ends 😅

First up is this Jellypongpong Eyeshadow Duo I got in my May Ipsy bag. I didn't think much of it when I swatched it but it turned out to be a super easy-to-use product and pairs really well with a brown liner. I use the shade Cyprus Umber in the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette. That's my fave dark brown to use to emphasize outer corner of the eyes cause I think it complements my eye color well ☺️

It's so super easy to slap on and I didn't even use a brush for the shadows - just my fingers! Then a liner brush for the liner I extended on my outer corner. But otherwise, so easy right!!

It's so super easy to slap on and I didn't even use a brush for the shadows - just my fingers! Then a liner brush for the liner I extended on my outer corner. But otherwise, so easy right!!

This has been a permanent in my bag ever since I got it. Love the shade, love the texture, love the way it feels! No complain.

I'm so happy this is such a unique shade instead of just pink and coral 🙆🏻 I have been pairing these lips with the eye combi above just because it's really so easy! 

Even if u like regular pinks and reds, they do have it too! Can see the rest of my swatches here.


Second is the Laneige Clear C Peeling Mask. This shit is da bomb pls??? 

This is a gentle AHA peel and its fruit derived - lemon, orange, bilberry, sugar maple, sugar cane) and it also has strawberry and konjak ingredients for physical exfoliation. 

Instructions state to use it on dry clean skin and then rinse with water. 

The first time I use this, I followed instructions and didn't really see much physical difference - my texture was evened out a little and my skin did seemed smoother but nothing major. 

Second time I tried it, I followed the instructions but instead of washing off immediately, I left it on for additional 10 minutes (❣️I'm pretty used to acids but if you are new, pls always do a patch test first on waiting time too before trying it full face❣️)


How it looks on the skin - I alr massaged it for about 1 minute and I just left it like this. 

If you've watched my IG-stories, you would have heard me rave about it alr - (I'm sorry I don't have pics 😭 I wasn't expecting the following to happen) I have this tiny oil clog by my right nostril that has been there for EVER - I'm talking like, months, you guys. 

I am on regular AHA and BHA and nothing really worked on it? I've just gotten used it it and treat it like a skin-colored mole 😂

But the next morning after that 2nd use, the bump is 98% flatten zomg!!! Wtf?? 

Ok, I did went on and use my regular AHA afterwards but again, I know my skin takes acids pretty well but not everyone's skin does. Pls don't overuse acids cause over-exfoliation is a terrible painful thing to go through! Most people won't require more acids after an acid peel so just pls take note of this okay!

Texture-wise, here is a direct comparison from right before I started and 2 uses later. I don't see any significant changes except some blurring effects but I feel like it's only been 2 uses so I can't commend on that fully yet! 

Will come back to this next month if I observe more changes. Really like using it now so 🤞🏼that it helps more with my skin texture! Showing y'all my worse side somemore lmao

Will review this after 2-3 more weeks so my skin has time to turnover!


Used it for the 3rd time last night so here's another current update after 3 uses. 

I think I can definitely say that it helps with texture but I'll defo try out for a full month lah. Just that these results are pretty exciting not to share hehe!

My food favourite for this month is this tuna pasta recipe the husband came up with. We made a box and kept them for another leftovers (managed to eat them for another 3 meals for 2 of us!).

His cooking is really freaking nice lah and I am damn 幸福 for realz HAHAHA Anyws, sharing this damn super-easy 15 minutes recipe. No defrosting of any kind needed! 

• 1 box shells (we got the medium-sized one, I think) 
• 2 large cans of albacore
• 1 chopped red onion
• 2 cups cherry tomatoes (halved) 
• chili flakes
• 1 clove garlic (minced) 
• salt
• pepper
• olive oil 

• Cook pasta according to box's direction and in the meantime: 

• Heat up olive oil in pan (be generous) 
• Add prepared onion/garlic/salt/pepper and fry till fragrant on med. heat
• Add in drained tuna and cherry tomatoes and fry till fragrant then off stove
• Drained pasta and add it in to the pan
• Add more olive oil (if needed) and parsley
• Stir and serve! 

It's really super easy and very yummy. A lot of it was agaration so just taste test along the way haha