March 2017 Faves

Omg end of month already! This month's faves isn't very long cause I was doing a lot of work at home and didn't head out. Also, my skin was cray the whole first part so I wasn't v adventurous with skincare either. 

Still, I have a few things I wanna share.

Kicking off this month's favourite with my brow combo. I've never actually really talk much about my brows before cause this is one area I don't feel qualified to. I am still learning how to deal with them after well, my entire life. 

But right now, I seemed to have found a combination that works awesome. I have really dark brow hair so the Catrice Longlasting Definer shade I use is the darkest one, in 030, if I'm not wrong.

So showing you how insanely fine this thing is. It's like an eyeliner kinda brush and if u use the dark one, u have to go in with a light hand. If u have the right amount of control, you can draw on really realistic hair-like brows

I first discovered this kinda brow pen thru Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color and I think it's $28 - which is crazy ex for brow pencil/pen wtv u call this. And u have to use a good amount at once.

Got really happy when I saw dupes from Catrice, EtudeHouse at much much friendlier prices. I always get a light and dark one for makeup-less and makeup-on days hahaha

Then using the Laneige Eyebrow Cushion_cara Two Tone In Grey, I lightly stroke the lightest shade at the front of the brow and the darkest one at the tail end. This softens the front of the brow so it doesn't appear too harsh. 

This combo makes my brows last thru snow storms and gym sessions so I have been loving it. Yes it's a bit troublesome lah but it's worth the effort tho imo.

My brows are slightly overplucked so I'm just waiting for them to grow back. 

I fill in the bald batches with the Catrice Definer and then using the Laneige Eyebrow Cushion to hold everything in place.


2nd fave combination is using rubycell puff for sunblock. I switched to using sponges a while back to dab my sunblock in. I hate how the sponge has to be cut into smaller sizes, then cannot be stored in a closed container cause it's not fully dry from absorption from sunblock but it gets dusty in the open. Omg damn gross. 

I gone thru half a bag of sponges and realize I have these rubycell puffs to use! It's anti-bacterial as well so yay. I just insta-story on how I use it with my sunblock!

Totally random but omg receiving this set of pins have made me so happy this month. I thought about it for SO LONG and finally decided that they were too friggin' cute. Loooooook at those tiny cacti! Luv it. No ragrats.

Last fave this month are these mules from Yoki. Nordstrom Rack had a Yoki event for last month and these were $14 after sales. The embroideries are so pretty and it's very comfy. Can't wait to wear them when the weather warms up.

This concludes my quick and dirty favorites for the month!