Sept 2017 Faves


Short and sweet Sept Faves! I’m so late haha it’s already mid-October hahaha fml. 

Sept has been swamped for real and it just disappeared really quickly. Rushing around means I normally revert back to products that I know I can rely on, which don’t fail me at any time so not a lot of new stuff this month. More products that have worked really well for me in times of rushing moments lol


Have been using this for close to a month now and omg I cannot put it down. If you’re looking for a decent, light gel moisturizer, THIS IS IT. No alcohol denat too! 

The smell of this is exactly like the HG hydrating rose water toner. Just pure bliss. 

The texture is this soft and extremely light. It gets absorbed beautifully and the glow it gives is reaaaalllll.


This is a terrible selfie but I was in ugly pjs and my hair was in an aunty bun so HAHAHA make do lah okay. 

I wanted to show y’all the nice glow this gel moisturizer gives! It’s really calming and my skin just sucks it all I’m readily. It’s lightweight as well so I only use this in the day. I sleep in full-blast aircon so I don’t feel like it’s enough for me at night. 

What’s amazing is the SOFTNESS the next day, I thought I was imagining it so I actually stopped a few days and it really is this!!! It makes my skin SOOOOO SOFT. Pls go try. It feels AMAZING. I sumpa. 

I drop 1-2 drops of the Leejiham propolis ampoule and it gives me healthy dewy glow. It isn’t heavy at all so I would think this is great for oily skin. Plus softness and rosewater as first ingredient??? DAMN NAISE. Go try go try.


I reviewed this here so I won’t go too much into it but dang, this shit is high-quality okay! 

It’s practically the only concealer I reach for now. The coverage is insane, the finish is skin-like w/o being too matte or drying. It adheres nicely to skin so it’s awesome for covering blemishes. Shade 20 matches my skin perfectly. 

It’s a good mix between the Tarte Shape Tape, UD Naked Skin and the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer.


And finally, this Laneige Blending brush in 08. I’ve been going back to face brushes recently and not using as much sponge cause I like the precision a brush can give. Plus my products have started swaying to more powder than liquid/cream recently so brushes are better. 

I only use this blending brush for one specific reason - nose contour lol. And it’s cause of Pony! 

Her nose contour is v different from the US kind yknow? It’s very soft and subtle but still showing a difference. And I realize she always use this kinda loosely packed dome brush to get that effect.

Fast forward to 3:30 mins to see her nose contouring technique! Or watch the whole video cause she is just a goddess haha I think I watched this 6 times alr?? She is SO PRETTY. My girl crush ftw.

Anyws, yeah as I was saying. I love this Laneige brush in 08 lah. U don’t HAVE TO get this brush. Any loosely packed dome brush will work but I just happen to only have this one in my stash. I’ve tried using this to blend eyeshadows cause it’s too big to fit in my crease area! But perfect for nose leh!

Short and simple right! Hoping Oct will be slightly calmer cause I’m exhausted. Idek why I’m so tired fml.