November 2016 Faves

This month's faves actually contain old products that I have rediscovered and am having so much fun with! 

This month's beauty favourites! 

I haven't (at least, I think I haven't) been buying a lot of makeup recently (I really dk why too) so this month's faves are actually a lot of old products or re-discovered loves. 

And some of them are combining usage of 2 products at once cause they seemed to compliment each other when I used them!

Laneige BB Cushion (21) + Clearlast Face Powder Medicated 

Laneige BB Cushion (21) + Clearlast Face Powder Medicated 

I've been super loving this two together! Wind here has been so brutal, my skin is completely drying out by the day. So out goes my oil-control foundations and I'm embracing all my dewy/glowy ones. 

I kept my Laneige Pore Control BB for back in SG and I am using the Whitening one again. It's more moisturizing at this moment. And omg when paired with the Clearlast Face Powder, I get this super nice finish without feeling heavy or it getting cakey.

I also love using the Clearlast by itself just to run errands or look slightly less dead hahaha Idk what it is but it gives me this v brightening finish without being too cakey? I use the green one cause idk, I think that was the only one left on shelf at that time or smth. 

I also like using the puff that comes with it to buff the product in or just a buffing brush. I find that the more I buff, the better this ends up looking. It doesn't emphasize pores and just look good as the day goes!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Surreal Edit Palette 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Surreal Edit Palette 

A lot of people have asked me if I found the Hourglass Surreal Edit Palette worth it and I say YES!
Firstly, it's really v v hard to finish one palette of the finishing powder or blush even if u use daily. It is just ALOT to go thru right. 

For this palette, u get a decent size finishing powder (which u are gonna be using the most), and 2 blushes, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter. Just this alone makes a super awesome travel palette! If you wanna see all swatches, read it here.

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush & Glow Palette

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush & Glow Palette

This is the one I'm most excited~ I own this Wet n Wild palette for forever alr and this was one of my first highlighter from them if I am not wrong! I remembered being v impressed with it and then somehow along the way, newer highlighters just took priority.

Anyw, I picked it up the other day and omg I was very blown-away by how much I like it. I totally forgot how awesome it is?? But u see, it isn't a super shiny or bright highlighter when u swatch. But it definitely is finely milled and SOOOOOO SOFT. I love swatching this cause it really feels so shiok. Idk how to describe. 

Anyw, I went and find some other pink or brighter highlighters just to show u a comparison.

I picked similar pink shades and some others that are brighter so u get what I mean by its not the brightest or lightest. The swatch for the palette is the first one from left. 

It resembles the other WnW highlighter palette ALOT but it's just somehow different on the cheeks. I reaaaallly dk how to describe it but it gives me, or rather my complexion, this AMAZING GLOW. Like, it's not bright or reflective like the CP one, but it's just really nice lah omg

See the glow?? It's even prettier irl! And because it's so finely milled, it really melts into the skin. See the glow above my brows to my cheekbones? I luvvvv it. Glow in the dark also can.

It's v v diff from the Colorpop ones and if I dab a little CP right in the middle, I glow like a moon HAHAHA

Maybelline Push Up Falsies Mascara + Laneige String Longlash Mascara

Maybelline Push Up Falsies Mascara + Laneige String Longlash Mascara

Now this combo I've been wearing for the past couple weeks, I think. 

I have a review on the Laneige one by itself here.

But omg this two looks damn bomb together. I've always love the Maybelline one cause it does give me pretty volume but coupled with the Laneige one, it's just lovely!

I am super super super loving this two right now! My eyelashes are DAMN LONG after. I love my falsies but omg I love my mascaras so much. 

I just put on the Maybelline one, comb thru with a spoolie, then go over the top part of my lashes to extend them!

And that's all for my Nov faves! Cant believe December and Christmas is right around the corner!