And here comes the part I live for HAHAHAH I'm a skincare freak and this year, I went through as usual, SO MANY PRODUCTS FML. 

But I think my happiest part of skincare for this year, is converting a lot of girls to using facial oils and getting good feedbacks from y'all! I like recommending shit that works, obviously!

My Foreo mini 😊😍😘 Yes I feel a weird love towards it and i don't think I can live without it. It works wonderful with my cleanser and tbh, this cleanser has been my favourite for the past two years alr! It leaves my skin soft and feeling clean but doesn't dry it out. Except I think it's REALLY ex in SG Watsons when they had it. 

I try to exfoliate once in 2 weeks now even tho my skin don't feel like it needs it but physical exfoliation once in a while is still beneficial! My fave exfoliate is the Freeman charcoal + sugar one. Omg if you haven't try this, WHY HAVENT U!!! It makes my skin SOOOOO soft and it's sweet too but plz don't eat it k. I just had some 'accidentally' - and yes it's sweet.

For chemical exfoliation to rid my black/white heads and reduce pore sizes, these two are my HG. 

I have raved about these two so much, I don't think y'all wanna hear about it anymore. But if you do, then head here.

But I'm still gonna add, the LRP Effaclar I use is the US formulation and is just called Effaclar K. The European one available in SG is Effaclar K+ and Duo+. I've tried ALL three and the US formulation one works the best for my congested pores or blackheads!

Oils. The love of my life and the glow to my soul. Wtf HAHAHA 胡言乱语 really (talk nonsense)

Coconut oil - I use it for everything. I feel like I've repeated this sentence multiple times this year. Use it for everything, love it, don't think I'll stop using it. 

Rosehip oil - who hasn't jump onboard yet!! This product is available on iherb.com btw! 

NUXE dry oil - I can't live without this now. It's a permanent thing. I'm sorry. You girls gotta try this for yourself to know what I mean when I say baby soft cheeks and shiny hair. But do rmbr to #patchtest !! 

Tea Tree oil - for zits. That's the only thing I use! 

It's too long for me to go into each of them but you can find me talking about them more here.

This is both the husband's and my lip-life-savior here. He asks for this every night before we go to bed 😂 I'm serious hahaha

I use this religiously every night to hydrate my lips and keep them soft. Plus all the liquid lipsticks really dry them out so this helps so much every night.

These Origins masks, esp the OOT one, have been my favourite purifying masks for many years now! See how beaten up they look! 

I use clay masks once every week or 1.5 weeks depending on my skin and these two never fail! Charcoal one on my nose/chin to clear pores and the OOT one on my forehead and sometimes, cheeks for blemishes! 

As for hydrating masks, I gave up, I couldn't choose. I love them all but for diff purposes leh! So yeah, I left that portion out cause it got too overwhelming 🙈

And that's all I have to round up my 2016 favorite skincare products and tool! My goal for skincare in 2017 is to hydrate and moisturize and also, brightening! I think my skin is finally behaving really well and how I personally like it to after so many years of trying products and tools. I don't think I have ever been happier with my skin!