So I got my ass down finally and look thru my own beauty stuff on Dayre from Jan to Dec and it's here and I have my 2016 favorites!

I bought ALOT of makeup this year fml so narrowing down took awhile. I picked the products based on how impressed I was and how it made me feel when I used it etc. It might not be smth I use recently/often cause I rotate my products very often but it is definitely in my top faves.



I don't think I've used any other primers ever since I got this two. The Hourglass AL Primer (Luminous Light) creates this subtle blur and glow effect. For oil control, this doesn't do much but I'm personally not seeking that for my primers these days lah. I've somehow strayed to the road of glowy, brightening primers. 

Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid Base is multi-functional but if I'm going for no makeup, then I would just pop this on highlight-areas on top of the Hourglass Primer for extra glow 😍


This was the one I had the hardest time picking. I must have went thru a dozen foundations these year! 

First up, the Bourjois City Radiance + BB Fresh Glow gives me amazing glow and a filtered-effect but it's a bit too much for SG if you tend to be oily! 

For a matte-er look, I love the LRP BB Blur + BB Fresh Glow cause I don't look as flat but I still get the matte-ness if needed! 

Laneige Pore Control BB (21) + Clearlast Medicated is the one I'll probably be using in SG a lot. It keeps me matte but not flat, has really awesome oil control and the shades suit me the best!


I should have included my Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer (10) but I couldn't find it for now so...πŸ™Š Sorrrrrryyyyy. 

As usual, the Maybelline Age Rewind Corrector (Brightening) is my must-have to correct my circles. 

My new fave combination of concealers is the UD Naked Skin (Light/Neutral) and Tarte Shape Tape (Fair/Neutral). The coverage is 😱 omgoodness and it feels so lightweight!! Both blends like a dream too. I get so happy using this every time πŸ˜‚

I only use concealers under my eyes and to brighten certain parts that are uneven (e.g. laugh lines) so these might not be the best for blemishes cause it's liquid. 

You know what I really want to try this year - the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer!!

My blush choices! These elf palettes really need more hype. They are so pigmented and the shades are so easy to use. Both the Light and Dark palettes have beautiful colors and if I were to go on holiday and pick blushes to use, they would be it! So versatile and convenient.

For smth slightly higher end, the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks is my choice. When I first got it, I couldn't stop using it! It's so natural looking cause it's cream-based, and the shade mimics my natural flush a lot. It's also easy to use and blending is effortless for me.

I bought ALOT of highlighters this year. At least 20. It's ridiculous. I'm 100% sure I can bathe in them and appear worse than Edward Cullen. 

This half year, I miss using the Maryloumanizer but I need to use all my new stuff so here's my fave new highlighters! 

The Sleek palette is my no. 1 choice for sure. No thinking needed. And no surprise, my WnW megaglo palette is in two. The first two pink shades give me ridiculous stunning glow.

πŸ™ˆπŸ˜… Sorry these are so gross looking. I'm disgusting. HAHA

So I really couldn't choose a fave for contour. Y'all know this is my obsession and I really can't choose. 

First up, the CP Sculpting Stix in Dove! Easy to use, shade is just right and blending is nice and easy - just don't overblend cause it might disappear πŸ˜‚ 

For powders to layer, the two that I reach for the most is the KVD shade (Sombre) and NYX blush (taupe). Sadly, I think the NYX one is discontinued!


I managed to keep it simple for eyes! 

No. 1 pick for my brows is definitely the NYX Microbrow Pencil in Black. I have another HG but I'll share that after the workshop. So anyw, this pencil is so thin and so easy to use plus it comes with a spoolie! Naise. I like to use this to give it shape and if I need to intensify it, I'll go in with a tint, pomade or powder! 

For tightlining, of course it's my NYX Tres Jolie. I think I've used up 3 alr! This works so well on me. But I know others have had smudges with this. I have oily lids too so idk why it doesn't on me?? 

And need I say more for the KVD Tattoo Liner? That shit is bomb. I use like, 2 mins to draw my liner with this! It's firm and pigmented and I get control effortlessly. 

I've raved about the combo of Maybelline Push Up Falsies Mascara + Laneige String Longlash mascara in my faves post a couple of months back and it's still my fave leh!! I keep going back to it. Volume + Length = that's all I need for my mascaras to do really. It's not rocket science but some companies still produce terrible mascaras.

I didn't get too many palettes this year, ok scratch that, I did. I'm not gonna lie. HAHAHA but the two that makes me most excited about using is these two! 

The Carli Bybel Palette is considered drugstore cause only $12.50? But omg great pigmentation, looks amazing when I used it and really, nth else I ask for. Except maybe lighter highlighter shades. 

The ABH Modern Renaissance is just...idk how to tell u it's awesomeness.

Wow, I am finally done! 2016 has been a pretty amazing year and I hope to share more makeup posts with all of you! Personally, I am most excited about the KVD liquid lipsticks launching in Feb!