January 2017 Faves

So this is a really late January Faves post! Time is literally flying by and I haven't had time to share anything. 

So Jan was filled with apartment moves & hospital visits so I didn't really had a lot of time to play with makeup so this month's faves is so little!

First up is my beloved WnW Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana. Again, idk why they named this a 'bronzer' cause unless you're transparent, this ain't gonna work on anyone as a bronzer. Bronze what?? Bronze is a tanned shade and this is straight up fair. 

But when used as a finishing powder, the result is super stunning!!! 

I reviewed it here and u can see the before and after in that post too!

The bhcosmetics Carli Bybel has been my go-to Palette cause the shades are so complementary, quality is amazing for $12.50 (or around there) and it's so easy to use too! 

If u haven't seen the swatches for this, here is a quick put-together. I don't really use the highlighter for its purpose but I love using it as shadows as well. You can read my original review here.

Below are just two random eyelooks I put together using this palette!


Been seeing the WnW liquid lipsticks go around on Dayre and yes, I love them too; but it's this shade - Give Me Mocha I'm mad about. 

I own two others and you can see my review and swatches here.

This shade is a stunning warm brick red and it's SO NICEEEE. Its not a super bright red - which I realize I'm staying away more and more. 

For the price, these are lovely!

Such a bad picture hahaha but here's the shade on me! I love it. I can just wear this with a simple eye or a brown smokey one and it looks just as good 😍

So this concludes my small little Jan's faves post! I have tons of new makeup and skincare to play with this coming month so Feb is gonna be exciting~