Current 2018 Skincare Routine!


I love my new shelf. I’m hoping (*fingers crossed) to be doing more shelfie for skincare products! It’s just so much more convenient and pleasing to the eyes compared to flatlays. 

So I thought it’d be a great time to share about my updated skincare routine actually! My skin has definitely started to take a somewhat, seismic shift (lol) with age. Really leh. I’m facing brand new issues that are so different from a few years ago. 

I realized that time in air condition dries it out really quickly, more so than the past. I’m more worried about finer lines forming compared to zits and blemishes. Dryness and staying hydrated are my main concerns compared to combatting oiliness. With that said, I’ll still add in tips and tricks for diff skin types ok! 

The below is not my fixed routine. It is basically a generic one and I almost always alter it according to how my skin feels that day; be it if it needs an extra serum or not. 

Pls don’t follow my exact routine - even if you have the same concerns as me! Always test a NEW product one at a time to note its efficacy and just in case you get a bad reaction, u know which product to eliminate! 

This is just an updated skincare routine and if u wanna find out more about
layering of products 
use of acids 
reaction vs purging
individual product reviews

I will try not to be too lengthy in this post but pardon me if I stray a’lil 😅 Now, starting all the way from the basics!


Double cleanse. Always double cleanse. Just think about it, a clean base ensures that only awesome products enter your skin, and not products + bacteria and leftover makeup. 

Double cleansing is beneficial for all skin types. The first cleanse is normally using cleansing/micellar water, oil cleanser etc. to remove makeup and the second cleanse is with a regular cleanser to wash your face. These 2 steps would almost guarantee you have a clean base without any makeup/sunscreen residue leftover.


I have been ABSOLUTELY in love with the Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water. Omg I love it. Can u see I’m almost done with mine. 

I find that I use less cotton pads, it smells AMAZING and the pH is right! Plus I really like the dispenser. I don’t use mascara so idk how it performs against WP ones. 

(I only use this at night to remove makeup!) 

Next would be regular cleansing. In the morning, I use the Neutrogena one - yes, I’m still obsessed with this. I can’t believe I only have 4 more left as backups. This is so gentle and makes my skin feel so clean and soft. 

If I’m not wearing makeup that day, I also use this at night! 

If I have makeup on, I use the Huangjisoo’s Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser (Moisturizing) with my Foreo! This has got to be one of the better formulated foam cleanser I’ve used. Good pH and makes my skin feels soooo clean. Can get from Waseyo’s website! 

I don’t use my Foreo nightly anymore cause it got too drying for me. Only when I wear makeup!


Serums/essences are essential to maintain your skin at its best. But to completely eradicate issues, acids and actives are what will really help. Issues I’m referring to are pigmentation/freckles, black/whiteheads, blemishes, scarrings and so on. Serums and essences can only do so much but they will never fully remove a problem at its roots.

Personally for me, I have ‘thick’ skin LOL. ActuLly no, it’s cause I’ve been using acids for MANY years and my skin is v accustomed to it.

I can easily use up to 20% acid concentration without signs of irritation, BUT, again, pls pls pls, if you have never used acids before, I highly suggest reading my post on on Reaction vs Purging because acid use almost always cause purging. 

IF you’ve never tried any form of acids before, pls patch test, go light and use it sparingly. Start with 1x in 3-4 days before increasing if there’s a need.


The loves of my life. LOVE. 

Ever since I discovered the right way of using acids, my skin has just been the best in my whole life lah. I must add, I’ve tried a lot of different brands and some work better than others, some just failed miserably. It just highly depends on skintypes. Trial and error is a very important factor in skincare - which really explains why I’m such a junkie and go thru so many products LOLOL #excuses 

Acids go on first cause of the sensitive pH range it can works most efficiently in. 
Vit C: pH 2.5 - 3.5
BHA: pH 3-3.5
AHA: pH 3-4

After application of each of the acid, you should give it a 15-30 mins waiting time. Throughout this waiting period, as the acids work, the pH will slowly adjust back as it reacts with your skin. I don’t suggest layering multiple layers at once cause that’s really time consuming. Instead, I use different acids on different parts of my face! 

In the day: 
Vit C: forehead/cheeks/laugh lines/under eye areas
BHA: nose/chin

In the night: 
PHA or AHA: forehead/cheeks/laughlines
BHA: nose/chin 

I don’t follow this strictly. I actually don’t follow every single step strictly. I add/remove whenever necessary and according to how my skin feels.

If I feel like my skin is doing fine, I just use BHA on my nose/chin and then a cotton soaked with toner on my cheeks and forehead as I wait for the BHA.

Acids cause photosensitivity so do wear sunscreen. Actually, no matter what, ALWAYS wear sunscreen.



This entire range is actually interchangeable and you change it according to consistency. 

If your First Essence is light (e.g. SKII FTE, Mamonde First Energy Essence) then u should use it as your first step. However, if it’s slightly thicker like the Estée Lauder Microessence, then u can just add it after your lighter hydrating toners. 

These few are my ultimate favorite toners. I love toners. LOVE. Toners are lightweight and add instant hydration. Light layers of toners are quickly pulled in and can penetrate skin quick. Skin also absorbs products better when it’s damp. I normally layer 3-5 layers of toner by patting them in. I don’t like using cotton pad cause it tugs at my skin. Plus I get to rub in leftover products in my hands. 

Any skintype will benefit from doing this! Just try! Start with 2 and work it up haha 

In the morning, I pick the lighter ones:
2 layers of Innisfree Green Tea Seed Skin and 2 layers of Mamonde Rosewater Toner

In the night, cause I’m in aircon, I use the slightly more viscous one:
2 layers of either Green Tea Seed Skin or Mamonde Rosewater Toner and 2 layers of Laneige Skin Refiner

Then it’s 1 layer of the Estée Lauder Micro Essence. Also, I just got the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair and what I do is add 2 drops into the First Essence and pat it in! I do this cause I remember reading somewhere that these 2 pair really well and are meant to go together to promote absorption. 

I bought the largest bottle at the DFS lol but I’ve only been on it a week or so. Will use it longer come back and review the ANR for y’all soon!




Most essences and serums come in a thicker consistency and contain the good stuff to maintain skin. They are, however, not the ones that truly work at problems. That will be your acids/actives steps. 

Serums and essences are good for maintaining your skin, rather than solving an issue! 

I don’t have a fixed day/night step for this and more often than not, I mix and match these few according to what I feel my skin needs! 

1. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum: really very hydrating!!! Omg I freaking never imagined I would enjoy this so very much. I’m more than 3/4 in to this alr and I’m gonna go buy more lol.

2. Skinceuticals H.A Intensifier: my second bottle! I find that this really plumps my skin up and when I go for days without it, I feel like my undereye area would be drier. 

3. CNP Propolis Ampule: This is my third bottle, you guys. THIRD. I realized my skin really likes propolis and it gives me a brightening glow. Plus anti-bacterial ok! I know it says ‘Ampule’ which means u can add 1-2 drops in any steps but cause the concentration of Propolis in here is only 10-20% (sorry i can’t recall) so I just use it as an essence. The LeeJiHam one (which btw, can someone buy it for me omfg I can’t find it anywhere) has 50% ok! 

4. Innisfree Jeju Pomegranate Revitalizing Essence: I’ve been solely dedicating this to my neck cause of the main ingredient - pomegranate. Pomegranate has powerful antioxidants that fight/repair free-radical damage from the sun promote cell regeneration. I have two deep lines that I hate! Idk if I’m over-imagining things but I really think they are getting better and actually lessening in appearance. I’ll keep u guys updated on this too. 

If you’re not excessive (or crazy) like me, and u want a basic introductory serum, pls go try the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. It’s lightweight so it’s suitable for all skintypes. It’s hydrating and all skintypes need hydration. The price is so friendly. The ingredients are excellent - green tea has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. What else u want!!!


After the above steps, now would be a great time to use a sheet mask. Sheet masks’ essence are normally lighter than moisturizer and you want the sheetmask to promote further absorption of all the good stuff u layered on. 

If your sheet mask has a creamier essence, u can feel free to skip moisturizer after if u feel like it’s enough! 

If your routine feels enough alr, u can even end it here with a sleeping mask instead of a sheet mask! It’s really all about what your skin needs. Observe and you’ll know! 

(I’ll try and include a couple of sheetmasks’ reviews below later!) 

With a sheet mask, pat in the excess serum and see how your skin feels from there. If it’s not hydrated enough, then....



I prefer a lighter gel-like moisturizer in the day and smth heavier at night just cause I don’t work in an airconditioned environment and don’t tend to feel dry in the day. 

If necessary, I top it off with a facial oil! Oils should always be your last step just cause it can seal in your moisturizer and everything else after. I know dry oil can be added in between but personally, because of how it feels and everything else, I personally always add oil as a last step. 

In the day, my love is the Mamonde Rosewater Gel-Cream. It says gel-cream but it’s really gel? It’s super lightweight and smells amazing too. I love this so much. It keeps me nicely hydrated and rose water is known for intense hydration! 

In the night, I use the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream. This has a gel-cream texture so it really isn’t very heavy. It keeps me very nicely hydrated and I don’t find myself dried out in the morning, which is nice.



I do tap in all my steps lightly under my eyes as I go and I find that this has helped a lot with dryness for me. 

I currently alternate between these two eye products! I’ve reviewed the Mamonde Age Control Powder Eye Cream before (it’s on my site) and I still love it! It’s a gel texture, very lightweight and easy to use.

The other one is the Green Tea Seed Eye Cream. This is definitely more suited for drier under eye areas cause it’s heavier in texture. I pat in my toners and all beforehand so my undereye areas are damp and ready to absorb smth heavy. If your skin is dry and u apply a thick cream on top, the cream cannot be ‘pulled downwards’ and can only sit on top! So the function of it decreases.


IF you’re still feeling excessive or u didn’t use a sheetmask, u can apply a layer of sleeping mask on! Sleeping mask really is a savior. It saves so much time, and u know I’m gonna be talking about the Laneige Vita Capsule one!!! If udk what I’m talking about, just go to the post before. 

It’s HG status and I alr stocked up mine from Lazada. Lazada is official retailer so be it cheaper or not, I think it’s still a smarter choice to get from a verified place.

Of course, in the day, you go for sunscreen! Plenty and plenty of sunscreen. I’ve officially made the switch from chemical to only physical for my face and I actually do prefer it. It takes abit of getting used to since the tackiness and white cast do come with it, but I think the benefits outweigh the cons! 

My sole love is still the Make P:Rem Blue Ray Sun Fluid and I have 1 backup. I am still, magically, on my first. It’s like a never-ending pot of gold, I swear.

And! I am finally done with the post. How is it always so long hahaha