Double-Cleansing Routine


For me, these 2 combo have been with me for the past year and a half. I have pretty much went thru 3 of the mascara removers and a dozen bottles of the Garnier micellar water. I know there’s different blue ones (like, there’s an Active one or some shit) for the Garnier bottle but I use the one that states that it can work for waterproof mascara as well. 

I stocked up the Heroine Make Mascara Remover the last time I was back so I’m still trying to finish all my stock-ups. I believe there’s a new packaging now?? 

I like to apply the mascara remover first then get around to brushing/flossing my teeth so the oil has time to melt down those stubborn WP mascara.


My fave HUGE cotton pad from Sasa. I will just use my micellar water and these to remove my base makeup and then all the mascara goo and gunk at the end. This ensures that I don’t have to tug or wipe v hard at my lids to remove the mascara cause the remover alr did most of the work.

When I have a full face of makeup, I know I need about 2 of these (I halved them so they are technically 4 pcs and I use both front and back = 8 sides LOL). 

I like to make sure that the last piece I use is completely really damn clean before washing my face. There’s not a single trace of makeup left on the cotton pad because regular cleanser cannot remove them lah. So don’t risk clogging up your pores k. Just remove everything fully k.

My little trick here is to go in the opposite direction when I wipe off the makeup. I go from outer corner to inner corner. This make sure that the little facial hairs are lifted and all the gunk and dirt under there are removed.


Are u all sick of me talking about this. It’s a new bottle btw lol. Might be my tenth as of this hahahaha

I love that I can get it on iherb so that’s greaaaaat. This doesn’t sting my eyes, makes my skin so soft and just urrrrghhhhh I love this. I really hope they don’t ever discontinue this. 

But as a backup, I also use this:


I got it as a last min desperation when I was running out of the former and my new bottles haven’t arrived yet haha

I only use cleansers that are low for pH and I’ll let test a lot of new ones I was sent when my pH strips arrive okay!! 

Our skin’s healthy pH value is 5.5 which is in the acidic range. Cleansers of a high pH (alkaline) creates the perfect environment for acne bacteria to thrive which is why I’m picky with cleansers. 

Low pH cleansers ensure our skin is kept in the right acidity. The CosRx low pH cleanser was a no-brainer alternative and I’ve always wanted to try it. 

It’s a gel texture and it doesn’t smell v good lol. It does sting my eyes A TEENY bit if I accidentally get some in and see, this is what I really love about my Neutrogena one (I’ll get around to measuring this pH too), it doesn’t sting my eyes ever. But I do really wanna find out the pH lol 

Similar to removing makeup, I go in small circular motions in anti-clockwise to get under all the facial hair. I also count in my head to a minute (at least) and then rinse it off thoroughly. 

I still use my Foreo but instead of daily, I actually only use it on days when I have a full face of warpaint on! I’ve been doing that ever since I realized my skin is getting slightly drier recently so I don’t wanna overstress it.