Lazy Girl AM/PM Routine

I wrote a very excessive post on my skincare routine here . That's the go-all-out, spend-an-hour-in-the-bathroom routine. So I thought it'd be fair to do a lazy-girl AM/PM routine as well~ 

It's for when I'm in a really big rush and just need to get out of the house asap, or for when I'm sleeeeeeepy and need to just crawl into bed and comatose there. 

Just one really super dooper important point, okay 2 points. The first is, never leave ur house in the AM without sunblock! Just SLATHER ON some and work out the logistics like, applying it evenly later lmao. 

Second is to never not remove your makeup in the PM! I don't encourage the use of makeup wipes and I haven't used any in a looooong time but if u must, if u really must, then keep wipes by your bedside or smth and just remove all that gunk before knocking out.

Basic rule of thumb for steps in my entire routine but I'm gonna show y'all what I use when I'm in a rush!

I left out the cleansing step cause I take that as a given lah hahaha

1. pH adjusting toner: Mizon AHA/BHA toner

If I'm in a rush, I'm not gonna wait around for my pH to adjust back to normal so this is just a must in my routine. This is the only product, after cleansing, that I put on with a cotton pad. 

Everything else, I prefer to pat it in. It doesn't pull at ur skin and u get to stimulate it at the same time! Not a bad thing haha I know a lot of u tell me it's damn weird but try it! It gets easier and I swear u will feel ur skin becoming firmer after a while. 

2. Active: CNP Invisible Peeling Booster

If I don't have time to put on separate actives, I like to just use this cause it's a no-fail product for me. I can't use JUST this cause it's not strong enough for me but on rush days, it's good enough. 

I still include a waiting-time but I shorten it to around 10 minutes. I'll just do other necessary stuff that I needa complete while waiting like drawing in my brows, or curling my lashes, just to fill up the time.

3. Hydrator - First Essence/Hydrating Toner: SKII FTE

I realize how quick I can apply my first essence/toner after transferring them to spray mist bottles. I just spritz twice on each cheek and pat all over my face. 

I prefer to layer at least this step before adding a moisturizer so at least, my skin gets to absorb a lighter layer first before smth heavier goes on. This helps with absorption and retention of moisture as well. 

Personally, I use a first essence because it has hydrating properties (like a hydrating toner) but it also has brightening properties. Kinda like a 2-in-1 and it's the one I grab when I'm in a rush. 

U can also use a hydrating toner in this step. It's just a hydrator in a light consistency to replenish moisture and prep your skin. 

(I'll do a review for the SKII FTE soon!) 

4. Occlusive: Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid

This is my go-to moisturizer for warmer weather cause it's really light but does it's job. I always seal it so my face retains moisture throughout the time I'm out. 

5. Eye treatment: Cerave Eye Repair Cream

Don't forget your eye area! Use ur ring fingers to lightly pat on some eye cream and don't forget the lids too. 

Sunblock goes on after this and I'm done! It's under 15 mins and I alr done mah brows and lashes in between so it's time-saving HAHA

The PM one has the same no. of steps as well so it's really a very easy and quick routine, but still works well for me.

1. pH-adjusting toner: Mizon AHA/BHA toner

(Same as AM routine)

2. Active: Uriage K18 Deep Pore Cleansing Care

(Review of this is here.) This product has always been one I recommend highly to friends asking for a start into BHA/AHA and I can't sum everything up. I use it in the PM cause it's heavy in consistency. 

Same as all actives, I leave about 15 minutes wait time. During that, I apply my body moisturizer, put on my clothes, blow dry my hair etc. 

3. Hydrator - First Essence/ Hydrating Toner: SKII FTE

(Same as AM) 

4. Eye treatment: Cerave Eye Repair Cream

This has switched place with my final moisturizer as compared to AM routine cause my last step is a sheet mask while lying down so I REALLY don't wanna get up again just to apply this 😂 When you're lazy, you gotta be lazy all the way HAHA 

4. Hydrator - Sheet Mask

Since it's not as drying now, I get to slap on a mask as a last step. The hard part is NOT to fall asleep while waiting for it. Most of the time, I do a last check on my emails and scroll thru social media before removing the mask and then just leaving it on my neck. I pat everything in whilst lying down then I can go zzzzz.

IF u feel like u confirm, chop chop 100% will fall asleep before your sheet-mask application is done, then can just replace with sleeping mask 😬

I don't really do these often cause my skin's temperamental and like to just act on its own but it's a better-than-nth kinda routine. Everything from my routine in detail to what-products-should-come-at-which-step??? can all be found on > skincare