Current Skincare Routine!

And now, are y'all ready 🤗🤗🤗

My IG DM is filled with many requests for my AM/PM routine update so 我来了. 

We are kinda stuck in limbo now as we go from winter straight into summer and the weather is hovering anywhere from 11°C - 28°C these days. 

The weather is mostly cold, wet and still windy with occasionally sunny, slightly humid days. My skin is having a hell of a time trying to adjust to the weird changes 😭

I have definitely reduced the number of layering cause it's not as drying as before. I can do with less now so I don't spam my skin with stuff it doesn't need.


I skipped cleansers cause I really don't think I can talk anymore about that. Everything u wanna know about cleansing and deep cleansing can be found on > reviews 🙆🏻

I go straight to actives (esp. pH-dependent acids) after cleansing so imma jump right into that. (Sidenote: I use a lot of acids. That doesn't mean u have to or should. Patch-test and google are always gonna be useful!)

Actives ☀️

Have been going easy on acids recently cause I've been trying out peels instead so my usual AM acids would include CNP and LRP. Btw this formula (my HG ONE) is being discontinued and I'm SAD AF. Where am I gonna get my daily dose of BHA now!!!! I need a new recommendation lah 😭

CNP gently preps my skin for wtv's coming next and technically, it doesn't make sense for an AHA to come first then the BHA but for some reason, CNP just makes everything works better for me. Especially if I leave additional waiting time of 10 mins for it. 

CNP: whole face (10 mins) > BHA:nose/chin (20-30mins) 

Again, this is ALOT of acids to be using at once so if ur skin is screaming 'NO' by being red, irritated, itchy, painful, pls stop k 🙆🏻

Hydrators ☀️

My AM picks for hydrators are normally v light and goes from lightest to heaviest consistency. A lot of girls always get confused over names so a quick check on ingredients can normally help too. 

FIRST ESSENCE: Laneige Clear_C Advanced Effector

This is the same stuff in one of my HG mask I reviewed here and I'm really liking it as a First Essence for warmer weather. It's really light - lighter than SKII FTE or Estée Lauder Microessence. It's brightening and helps with hydration so no complains about it as a first essence! 

HYDRATING TONER: Laneige Moisture Skin Refiner

This is a pretty decent hydrating toner - comes in the largest bottle and I've been using it forever. In fact, I've increased the amount I use just cause it feels very lovely and hydrating on the skin. Replenishes the moisture with no nonsense! 

1. Laneige White Dew Original Ampoule Essence (found here)
2. Shiseido White Lucent Multi Correcting Spot Corrector

My main issues on my cheeks, aside from the pitted scars, are leftover stubborn PIHs so I pick stuff that brightens. I'm still on the fence about the Shiseido one. Will review it next time!

Occlusive + Treatment ☀️

I've been leaning light on occlusives in the day just simply cause I don't feel like I need it.

I find myself picking this up and it's been so useful cause it comes with SPF. Not very high but good enough for indoors on most days. 

I checked the ingredients and it does contain ginger roots and green tea extracts so it's decent - just not sure how these are specifically anti-pollution 🤔

This isn't the lightest sunscreen ever but it doesn't make me oily. However, it has this slightly tacky base that seemed to help my base last longer whenever I use this. I'm still very confused over this product but so far, so good. It's a decent 2-in-1 product that's very convenient for just daily indoor wear. 

If I happen to need more, I normally just add another layer of sunscreen on top and it doesn't peel or anything!


Actives 🌙

My current night actives in rotation! 

1. CNP Invisible Peeling Booster - is a must for me
2a. Uriage Hyseac K18 (review is up ok 
2b. Laneige Clear C Peeling Serum

I'm still trying out the Peeling Serum - not sure if it's causing me to breakout tbh so I'm gonna re-try it once or twice more before deciding. 

I love the Uriage K18. One of my HG for PM exfoliants plus I find it v gentle. Downside is that it's heavy on the skin!

Hydrators 🌙

FIRST ESSENCE: Laneige Clear_C Advanced Effector

HYDRATING TONER: Laneige Moisture Skin Refiner

1. Laneige White Dew Original Ampoule Essence
2. MISSHA Borabit Ampoule

I'm use the MISSHA Ampoule as a prevention sorta thing cause it's suppose to be really similar to Estée Lauder ANR. So not smth with direct effects but more of an investment for the long term hahaha

I like to use a sheet mask after serum, before moisturizer! The sheet mask forces the serum and hydration I've layered below to work into my skin and then I can seal everything off later. 

I don't wash off the leftover essence because it's good stuff and I like to pat it till it gets absorbed. If u ever find it too sticky, u can use a little hydrating toner on a cotton pad and just wipe off the excess GENTLY - u don't wanna remove everything, just the excess.

Occlusive + Treatment

MOISTURIZER: Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid

TREATMENT: (both found here)
1. SWS Overnight Vitalizing EX Mask
2. SWS Radiance Energy Mask

I normally end it off with a light moisturizer and the Dr Jart one doesn't give me any problems. If the night is particularly dry even after sheet masking, I'll use a sleeping mask! 

Sometimes, when I'm lazy........I just use a sleeping mask after serum 🙊