5 Basic Routines - 5 Skin Types

It's closing in midnight soon. 

I really should be in my warm bed, with my cutie husband, winding down for the night. Instead, I find myself being befuddled and just filled with plenty of incoherent and worrying thoughts. It's probably the hormones at play, seeing how the TOTM is looming really close by; but I can't help myself feeling overwhelmed this month. 

Perhaps it's from all the pent-up excitement from going home. Or that there's really so much stuff happening from now till going home. And not to mention all the wedding stuff I've KIV-ed currently to deal with moving and planning workshops. 

I'm a worrier. I can't help it. I think of worst-case scenarios and give myself panic attacks for no reason. I think I'm just worrying incessantly from everything that's about to happen. That sounds about right. 

Since I couldn't sleep, I thought I'd do some skincare talking. I feel like I haven't done much of it lately! Even tho, who am I kidding, I probably did but I never feel like it's enough πŸ˜‚

I was doing up my skincare routine post and then I got inspired by SWAP and decided to do this starter-kit post for 4 different skin types. She has her own classification and recommendations but I'm gonna be doing my own lah. 

This is based on 4 friends/families' skintypes and what I had/would recommend to them so most are alr ~kinda~ tried and tested alr. 

I picked @lucidreams to be one (normal-pigmentation), a girl I'm helping rn (oily/acne prone), my own mama (dry and aging) and then myself (dehydrated-blemish prone). I'm also gonna touch on sensitive skin lightly! 

I'll also show my current AM/PM skincare routine for my skin type and what works well for me at this moment.

This is suitable for someone trying to start an AB routine but not sure where to begin so I classified it into skintype! 

Also, pls patch test before trying out a new product and include a 2-week trial period for each new product! This will help determine efficiency of the product.

I didn't include a serum for any of the skin type cause that one totally YMMV and u can go choose a serum u like lah πŸ˜…

1. Normal, pigmentation (dry/dehydrated)

This is for the ladies with normal to dehydrated/dryish skin type; with light hyperpigmentation issues (sunspots, freckles). 

Freckles cannot be removed entirely but they can be lightened (esp. with use of sunscreen)

1st cleanser: Garnier Micellar Water - available for both non-waterproof and WP makeup! Gentle + effective
2nd cleanser: Hada Labo Gokujyun Foaming Cleanser - low pH and gentle ingredients

AHA: Dr Wu's Intensive Renewal Serum - (2-3x a week: PM use) but πŸ™πŸΌ always go easy and light if u r new and starting on acids 

Sheetmask: I just used a random image but u can use whatever brands u like! 2-3x a week~

Light moisturizer: Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid 

As u can see, this is a VERY bare-bone routine. It is stripped down to basic essentials so u still can add stuff if u like! 

If u have normal skin type with freckles or pigmentation to target, this AHA by Dr. Wu is malic acid and is very gentle. But as per all acids, do start off light and easy to prevent over-exfoliation. This has helped @lucidreams 's freckle situation majorly! 

AHA does help with sun damage and pigmentation (amongst its other benefits) by speeding up exfoliation. So this is a good beginner AHA, I feel. But pls don't forget your sunscreen; especially after use of any forms of AHA (or acids for that matter)!

2. Oily, acne-prone

If u have oily, acne-prone skintype, I would normally suggest going light and easy at all times. Don't overload ur skin as it's already inflamed so give it time to heal. Never, never pick on them - I'll provide an alternative below. Oh, sunscreen is also v important to prevent serious PIH (post-inflammatory pigmentation) from developing!

I am gonna skip this cleanser-explanation cause it's the same as above! 

PHA: CNP Invisible Peeling Booster - provides gentle exfoliation and helps with skin texture

Light moisturizer: Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid 

Clay mask: Origins Out of Trouble Mask/ Origins Activated Charcoal Mask
Acne Patches
Sheet Mask

Instead of a BHA, I included a PHA (CNP) in this because I feel like it's very gentle and yet effective enough! It can help with skin texture and also exfoliate clogged pores too so it isn't too much for your alr-inflamed skin. At least, that's my take on it. 

Clay masking once a week can help with drawing out dirt and sebum so inflammation can be reduced. 

Not only that, use of acne patches (3M, Cosrx etc) on top of open active pimples helps to suck out the pus while keeping the area clean and bacteria-free. Plus it prevents your dirty fingers from touching ur face subconsciously and this will speed up healing process. So no picking okay!! 

Even if u have oily or blemish-prone skin type, you don't have to shy away from sheet masks. Instead of being over-adventurous, u can just keep to one brand or type that works for u. This will allow ur skin to stay hydrated - which will minimize oil production - and hydrated skin can help fight inflammation better! So overall, win-win.

Dry and Aging

I based this on something I would put together for my mom if she would use it. My mom is the most fuss-free person and HATES it when it comes to actually applying stuff on her skin so it's naturally very dry and has fine lines from not taking care all these years. But she has pretty decent skin so no major issues except dryness, I would say.

1st cleanser: Banila Clean It Zero
2nd cleanser: Hada Labo Gokujyun Foaming Cleanser

Hydrating Toner: Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

Light moisturizer: Cerave Favial Moisturizing Lotion
Oil: Rosehip Oil

SWS Radiance Energy Mask

I switched out the micellar water for a balm here and if u have dry skin, you can also go ahead with oil cleansing regularly!

I also included products that have hyaluronic acid and ceramide - both of which can help with dry skin. This Cerave moisturizer is packed full of awesome stuff and is super light too. 

Oh and yes, my beloved RHO πŸ˜‚

I love RHO, as you ALL know hahahaha (If u wanna read up on facial oils, I have it on beautypeadia.com!) Its great for so many skin types; particularly dry ones and it has SO many benefits too! As a dry oil, it doesn't really sit on top of the skin so even if my mama uses this with her moisturizer, it shouldn't feel heavy or anything! 

For the fuss-free ladies who don't want to spend 20-mins waiting for a sheet mask, then this is where overnight sleeping masks come in to play! I am getting one of the SWS RE one for my mama and u can read about my full review on it here @sweetpea:150517 ! 

A sleeping mask can also prevent your skin from drying out through the night so good for dry and dehydrated skin types.

4. Sensitive

Okay, I don't really dare to give much recommendations when it comes to sensitive skin cause the chances of causing a reaction is high since I don't know your skin well! 

My take on sensitive skin would be to avoid any harsh ingredients - alcohol & alcohol denat are a definite no-go. I know this is still up for debate so this is just my stand on it.

If ur skin can tank alcohol, then just pls go ahead with it! I know mine can't and I have slightly sensitive skin.


This is from before/after regarding alcohol found in products. I simply readjusted her routine and remove all the alcohol-ridden products and look at the after 1 week later - redness reduced! 

If u constantly have irritated, sensitive skin, do a check on ur products and google ingredients to see if anything might be irritating it. 

Go light and easy and always include new stuff slowly. You never know what's gonna cause a massive reaction with skin that is sensitive. If something works for you, then just stick with it and don't be too adventurous. Always research about experience and proper reviews before investing in a product!

5. Dehydrated

I based this largely off my own skin and what I would introduce to someone with similar skintype. Y'all know my routine is much much much more excessive than this (which I'll go into details in a second) so yes, this is skeletal at best πŸ˜‚

I always thought my cheeks were dry cause of how tight they feel. I had flaky, peeling skin along my lower jaw line all the time and sometimes, it would break into a rash just cause of how dry it is. 

3-4 hours after cleansing, when I touch my cheeks or if I blot, they would actually be oily. But omg the dryness is always still there. Didn't help that so many facial places I go to would tell me my skin is dry so I always just thought it was dry! 

It wasn't until reading SWAP's explanation of dehydrated skin, did I realize I've been using wrong products for wrong skin type!

(Skipping the cleansers cause refer to no. 1) 

Hydrating Toner: Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion
Sheet Mask: Any brand u like! 

Light moisturizer: Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid

Sleeping Mask: Any brand u like. 

For dehydrated skin, I find that layering light layers bit by bit, building up to a final occlusive is the best! Water is 50% of balanced skin so hydrating my skin topically has helped a lot; compared to using just heavy products directly. 

Sheet masks have taken over my life now and so have sleeping masks on lazy days. These help with hydration throughout drier nights or air conditioned rooms. 

I would love to start something like this - a starter bundle with 4-5 products picked specially for ur skintype BY ME!!! Won't that be fun! I'm pretty sure I might go crazy also but alas, so many ideas, so little time.