Updated: Skin Journey

About sometime last year, I shared one of the closest thing to my heart here (btw ignore all the nonsense I shared in that post. I knew nth LMAO)

It was pretty tough to share but it was also really relevant to what I post about. When I hear about girls with blemishes and scars, my heart goes out and I wanna help every single one of u. 

I know how it feels like. Deep down, where you just feel like you're not good enough, and you're not pretty enough, or just not enough. 

Glowing skin is the first thing I notice about a person because it's the one thing that I don't have and feel most inferior about. Ask my husband, I'm OBSESSED with his skin. 

I imagined the world world mocking my skin, or just feeling really ugly in general. The thing is, I had no one to teach me or help me with it. I struggled with my skin for 7 years. Sometimes, I still forget that my skin has almost healed and I will use my hair to cover up.

I'm totally downplaying everything. For extreme days, I would skip classes just cause my skin was flaring up that day and I can't stop crying at home. Or I would choose to stay at home and not head out cause heading out means I have to face strangers in my skin. I had good days where I just accept it as it was, but I had terrible, bad days that just rendered me feeling low and hateful. 

I guess I will never forget how this feeling feels. Which is why I put in 150% effort when it comes to taking care of my skin. I know a lot of u think I'm excessive or wtv but hey, my method works and I'm just sharing what works. 

If 3 products work for u and ur skin, pls stick by it and I envy you a lot!! 

Sadly (or happily? Idk. Depends on how u see it), I have to indulge in multiple products to make my skin happy .

This is also why I think I am so naggy and long-winded. I was SO confused when I first had to start developing a skincare as a teenager. 

I used Seventeen and Cleo magazines to guide me and that's how I just fell into the Western-scene for so many years. Now that I am looking back on it, I'm calling bullshit on so many things they stated. Well, I didn't know they were bullshit at that time. I simply followed religiously and believed it. I blame myself HAHAHA 

I tried following the Korean skincare when it first started trending in Singapore (totally first adopter of product) but it was way too confusing and it didn't make sense since most of it was in Korean?? 

What's really just ironic was that it was a Korean product got me into a mess, but it was also following the Korean-beauty scene that turned my skin 180° around.

I never thought that I would jump back on this wagon since my last experience left me so horrifically scarred. But well, lesson learnt, which really also explains my incessant need to research like crazy. 

I always show u guys just one side (left) of my face upclose for comparison. That is also easier for me to keep track and do up side-by-sides for you all to see. Once in a while, I'll try and take pics of my right side just to be able to get another set of comparison. 

Today, I was looking thru at my camera roll to free up some space and realized it has been a week since I took update pictures of my right side of face. I have been on this Korean-beauty wagon for approx 2 weeks now so I wanted to see if there's any significant changes.

R u guys shocked. Cause I am. 

In fact, I feel like crying. 

My right side has always been my 'worse' side and I never felt comfortable showing off that side. 

I get why SWAP doesn't show her face or comparisons cause it doesn't really feel v good to show how bad our skin is to the world. 

I kept retaking this shot over cause I was pretty convinced my lighting or the clarity was deceiving my eyes. I have never seen this side of my face improve so drastically before 😱😭

No, I haven't been using any special products or going to any facials. Everything I use on my face, u guys have read it like, 1638394 times. I use the same steps, same waiting time and whatever products I've mentioned about. 

Those of u who follow me on IG (@/beautypeadia) have seen the mostly generic brands of sheet masks I use nightly. 

I believe it was a combination of EVERYTHING that got my skin to where it is now. 

I've tried almost EVERY product out there that claims to resurface skin texture etc. I remember one of the pricier product I've gotten is Sunday Riley's Good Genes. Pfft. Sure, my skin FELT smoother but nth really changed. No ONE product changed anything. I've also tried derma-rolling - nope, no results. 

But starting on this Korean-skincare routine changed everything in TWO WEEKS. How even? What magic is this? 


I guess I'm more diligent and observant when it comes to skincare now. I mean, I was before but I'm just batshit-crazy about it now hahaha

I still don't have PERFECT smooth skin - if I do, I won't trust my own reviews pls. How do I know if it works??????? I still have scarring and redness. I still have unevenness. I still get hormonal breakouts. I still get blackheads/clogged pores.


Just a front comparison as well. My skin got damn temperamental when we first got back to Boston and I was just perma-red and blotchy with crazy pores. The After is from this morning!

My winter wardrobe as per SWAP's way of describing it. 

It's like choosing what clothes to wear on that day! U can't wear 7 jackets out but u can pick one. I like her way of describing it! 

Gonna be reshuffling these to accommodate new products that are on the way and to welcome the warmer weather!

For someone with crazy breakouts and scarrings before, it makes me really happy to say to y'all not to lose hope k. I never thought my skin can look like this ever. Showing y'all that not all's lost! A lot of diligence and hard work is needed but its really very worth it (to me lah)