2016 Skincare Routine

Helllllooo~ Your resident skincare junkie is here. I do wish I have perfect porcelain skin but sadly, thats not the case. That just means I have to spend extra time making my skin happy. I have oily-combination skin back in sunny Singapore but over here in Boston, my skin tends to be normal-dry. 

Products I am reviewing are all purchased by me and they are honest reviews! 

*The products I used might not suit you. It's about knowing what your skin needs mostly. If something works, then stick with it. If something is obviously not working, then stop spamming ur skin with it and switch it out. I am a firm believer of finding products that work for your skin.

This end-half of the year, I lessened a lot of exfoliation (both chemical and physical) and upped my moisturization game. I went through ALOT of new products and I've never been happier with this routine.

Trust me, I've lived for 26 years. Trust me when I say, my whole life after puberty, my skin has never looked/felt so good. It is clear and soft, I hope I don't jinx it but I have not had a single zit ever since I started on this routine. 

Alright, let's get started!

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 6.21.22 PM.png

A quick look at the products I use. I don't necessarily use one product for my entire face but more of a targeted use. 

Once or twice a week, I will use jojoba oil to remove makeup + do a light face massage, then use the micellar water and remove all oil/dirt/makeup before cleansing. 

I find that if I use jojoba oil every single time I double-cleanse, it's too heavy on my skin. So I do it once/twice a week!

After removal of makeup using micellar water, I use my Neutrogena cleanser with the Foreo mini

DAY: I only cleanse with my hands and the Neutrogena. I don't use any cleansing tools in the day. 

NIGHT: Removal of makeup/sunblock with micellar water. Use one pump of cleanser and massage my face. Without rinsing, I use the Foreo mini and go over the whole entire face following the timer settings.

My beloved HG. I've never looked forward to using a product this much before. If you want to read my first review, click here.

This is essentially, a kinda chemical exfoliant (PHA - more skin-friendly) to allow your other products to be absorbed better! It's a transparent watery-gel texture that is absorbed really quickly too.

I don't use a toner with this. The toner I was previously using is the Pixi Glow one but that has AHA and I didn't wanna over-exfoliate on top of the PHA in CNP. So I have stopped using that for now.

DAY/NIGHT: I pump one pump, massage it into my whole face. With whatever's leftover, I pat it into my skin for 30 seconds or so? The more I pat, the stickier it gets as it dries.


Still my Holy Grail for blackheads. In fact, because of the CNP and Foreo mini, this seemed to be working 10x better for me. 

If you read some of my older skin posts, you know I self-remove my blackheads once a week, cause my nose just gets congested really easily. The LRP Effaclar K coupled with CNP has cleared up any problem areas I had. No more zits & no more congested pores!

(I know it's confusing but this is the Effaclar K. The one selling in SG is the European formulation and are named Effaclar Duo+ and K+. To me, the K is THE BEST. If you can get your hands on it, I do highly recommend u trying. If you only have access to SG ones, try the Duo+.)

DAY/NIGHT: I ONLY use this on my tzone. 

I own this Estée Lauder combination for a while and it always finds its way back into my life.

I've tried both this and the SKII and SKII does NOTHING for me. This micro-essence from Estée Lauder is 👌🏼 tho. I can see a brightening effect within a week.

I don't use the micro-essence as a toner. The ANR is best used with the micro-essence so I actually use it together.

This has kept my cheeks (the driest part of my face) really hydrated and supple, and I feel that it's evening out my skin tone and keeps it from being dull.

This step changes the most for me because I switch products out accordingly to what I feel like it needs. Sometimes, I switch them out for whitening or deep hydration products too. 

DAY/NIGHT: I drop 3-4 drops of micro-essence and put a few drops of ANR and mix it together. Then I pat it into my cheeks and forehead.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 6.22.44 PM.png

Of course there's oils!! HAHAHA It wouldn't be a pea's skincare post without the oils I'm always raving about. If you wanna read more on facial oils, click here.

The NUXE multi-purpose oil is OMG 😱 !!! This has taken over me. I'm SO IMPRESSED with this. It gets absorbed super quick, leaves a beautiful glow from inside and keeps my cheeks SO SOFT. Even the husband commented about it when he kissed me 😂

But it definitely isn't enough sometimes so I like to add RHO when it's still TOO dry. But I think the nuxe oil is gonna be awesome in SG cause it's a dry oil. I personally don't think people with super dry skin might benefit from this tho. I really do love it. 

DAY/NIGHT: 2-3 drops + 2 drops of RHO warmed up between my palms and then pressing it into my entire face.

My second empty coconut oil jar 😂😂😂

I love this shit. I use it for everything but let's not get started on that cause I confirm digress but....If u wanna read more on coconut oil, click here.

DAY/NIGHT: Warm a little on my ring finger and gently press into my undereye areas!

This is still my go-to for zits/blemishes but again, I haven't had the need to use it since I started this routine. 
If I feel a cystic acne (those that are super swollen, without a head), or even if it's a normal blemish, I would just apply CNP regularly over it, pat LRP Effaclar K and then dab on TTO.

The two sleeping masks I own as of now! I alternate these two on alternate nights.

After trying out these two side-by-side, I definitely prefer the Laneige one for Boston cause it keeps my cheeks really supple and hydrated. 

The Naruko one does an amazing job in brightening my skin but it doesn't feel as hydrated! It does a good job on brightening and blurring my pores for sure.

I'm definitely planning to stock up on more Annie Way's masks and different Naruko ones when I'm back in SG 🙊

NIGHT: Every alternate night, after prepping with everything, I apply this on top!

Ever since I started on Foreo/CNP, my skin has not felt rough/clogged, which means I have had no need for a physical exfoliant. I regularly used them when I was on my Clarasonic cause I could still feel my pores getting clogged! I literally felt my face drying up with over-exfoliation. 

Now? I have kept all my physical exfoliation aside except my Cure one. 

ONCE A WEEK: After cleansing, I use Cure to physically exfoliate the dead skin then go in with my clay masks.

  • Origins OOT: Forehead 
  • Origins Charcoal/Glamglow: Nose/Chin 
  • Origins Rose: Cheeks 

This looks excessive but I don't use any one mask on my entire face alone!! To me, that's not targeted enough so I rather give what my skin needs.

My forehead used to be super problematic during TOTM so I liked using the Out Of Trouble there. My nose/chin gets congested and the charcoal one helps to clear the gross stuff. The Rose one helps brighten my cheeks!

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 6.23.37 PM.png

After rinsing off the clay mask, I prep my skin with CNP.Then I follow up with a sheet mask!

  • ✔️ Rose & Botanic HA: Dry/dehydrated skin
  • ✔️ Narcissus Repairing: Prematurely aging skin 
  • Raw Job's Tears: Uneven complexion/visible pores 
  • Taiwan Magnolia: Dull/Sallow/Aging skin 
  • Tea Tree: Oily/troubled skin 
  • Apple Seed/Transexamic acid: Pigmentation on cheeks 

So far, I've tried the first two and I'm super super impressed with the Narcissus one. Don't believe me cause I seemed to like everything? Well, of course I have proof haha

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 6.23.48 PM.png

In the before, there's absolutely nth wrong with my skin btw. It was awesome to me. I'm just naturally THIS red, esp. nearing TOTM. My flushing knows no boundaries. It comes and goes as it pleases, sad to say.

Anyway, look at my pores on the after! Somehow, this combination of clay mask > sheet mask is making my skin happy! Talking about pores is making me weirdly happy.

The Rose one smelt AMAZING but I didn't like it as much as the Narcissus one. It hydrated fine lah but if I were to pick, it'd be the latter. 

Gonna finish the masks, find a favourite out of all, do a final review and then get the husband to go to Taiwan and stock up for me 😏😏😏

APPLICATION: For me, as I alr prepped my skin with CNP, I don't remove any residue of the sheet mask. Instead, I massage leftover essence into my cheeks and forehead. Then I apply LRP Effaclar K on my nose and chin. My last step would just be to apply my oil on to seal everything. If I am already using a sheet mask, I don't use a sleeping mask that night.

The sheet mask is already infused with so much stuff that I personally don't see a point in piling more stuff on my face after using it. So I keep it simpler by just massaging them all in and using an oil as a final step. This is totally personal preference and it works for me. But stick with wtv works for u! 

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 6.24.03 PM.png

If u read my Skin Journey's post before, you know I have had bad skin issues and if at that time, you asked me to take a selfie bare-faced, I would rather die. 

But here I am now, showing you a complete bare-faced selfie taken with the IPhone 6s BACK CAMERA okay!! I wanted to show y'all my skin now. No filter, no app camera, no editing. 

I'm actually IN LOVE with my skin and that never happened before. I love it so much, I haven't even had the need or want to cover it up so I'm rocking this bare-face thing recently. I mean, I still love makeup but on the days I wanna go out bare-faced, I still feel confident and not conscientious at all!

***Pls patchtest before fully trying out a new product on your entire face. Several products mentioned above are chemical exfoliants (AHA/BHA/PHA) & might irritate sensitive skin.