Jouer Best of Nudes Collection

This came faster than expected! I had to e-queue for 2 hours but there was a really good notification set-up and I managed to get what I wanted without camping or having any site issues! So good job, Jouer 👍🏼

I always know I want a liquid lipstick from Jouer but I never could settle for a color. I really wanted Papaye but it's always oos. When this popped up on IG, I knew I had to try getting my hands on it!

Omg so lovely. I love that they are sample sizes. Not only are they cute, i also get to try out 8 shades! I got these for 28$ cause I had some 10% discount code as well. 

And yes, they look pretty small. I've heard people complaining that they are smaller than expected but not really? Don't judge book by cover seriously.

These are 0.135 oz/4.0 ml per bottle. 

(CP minis: 0.035 oz/1.0 ml
ABH minis: 0.07 oz/2.0 ml
KVD minis: 0.10 oz/3.0 ml
Kylie minis: 0.02 oz/0.65ml

In conclusion, these actually are rather deluxe minis already! Just cause it's wider and not taller. Jeez. People need to chill sometimes.

Swatches for the Jouer Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick! These stained my arm more than expected, even the lighter shades! 

I really love how reflective and rose-gold Papaye looks! It's gorgeous 😍 I'm also v interested in seeing how Skinny Dip looks on top of all the other mattes. Terra, Dulce de Leche, and Melon looks almost similar!

Lip swatches comin' up~

I swatched Skinny Dip on my bare lips and Papaye is my favouritttteeeeee.

These wear really comfortably! They are my first Jouer-liquid lipsticks so it's a good first impression. The texture reminds me a lot of NYX SMLC and lingerie line! Slightly mousse-y and v soft. 

The pigmentation was quite disappointing tho. Don't get me wrong. They are beautiful shades. Also, once I also apply a second layer, all the streakiness and patchiness disappear. But for the price of one full-size liquid lipstick, I expected better. 

The brush didn't give me any issues. Standard doe-foot applicator and I get rather clean edges without problem at all! Haven't tested out their wearability but I'll update when I wear it! 

Overall, this set is quite worth it but I probably won't purchase any singles cause of the price. Colourpop's pigmentation is far more superior for the price but I prefer Jouer's feel on the lips! If u want a set that has suitable everyday-colors, this is pretty good!

Ooh I managed to put all of them in one picture. Score! HAHA

Why does my lighting makes everything look the same wtf does this mean I have to reswatch this 🤔