Shero Ching Bye Bye Blackheads Review


Have been seeing this on IG nonstop and decided I have to try it. I wasn’t really interested in the firming mask, and pimple cream and blackheads are the bane of my life so why not. 

I bought this off a random shop on shopee with free courier so not sponsored nor am I distributing. 

Process of this is super leychey because 
1. Have to cut the cotton pad to fit your nose area and then drip the product on and wait for 5-15 mins
2. Have to wait for step 2 to dry down completely

These two factors alone means u shld be prepared to spend ~45mins to 1 hour. 

I’ve always mentioned that I don’t like pore strips that tug and pull at skin since this stretches your pores and once that’s done, you’re not gonna be able to shrink it. 

The reason I decided to try this, as much as it functions like a pore strip, is that you can to decide the area u apply it on. I have more obvious pores on the sides of my nose so pore strips will stretch those areas and I prefer to keep them untouched.


I have stubborn blackheads on my chin and I don’t squeeze the blackheads there cause I am really horrible at it so I normally use acids to treat it. It’s a lot better compared to the past but nearing my period, when my skin gets altogether mad, the area there is still the first to get bumpy and textured and clogs easier even with acid. 

As u can see, I apply the nose strip just on my nose, and barely touched the pore areas around it cause I feel like skin there stretches really easily.


I feel like my skin is pretty clean alr but u can see it helped further clean out my pores on my chin area a lot more. The acid in Step 1 was also pretty powerful - it made that stupid clogged zit i had over for over a month surfaced and finally popped. FINALLY.


For my nose, I feel like it did clean up the tip area but my nose is quite clean so nth much was removed!


I could definitely see and feel a difference, skin looked and felt smoother for sure.


Then I decided to try it on the husband and omg EWW OK.


I felt like his difference was more obvious lol cause his nose so dirty lah. 

This does really function very much like pore strips BUT it really wasn’t as harsh and drying. 

When I used to use pore strips, my skin would almost be left flaking and sensitive. This didn’t leave it flaky and it didn’t feel tortured lol. 

Still, I really wouldn’t use it often. The box states 2x a day which is RIDONKULOUS - please don’t do that. I wouldn’t use it more than once in 2 weeks actually. I was thinking of keeping it to once a month, and only using it when necessary.