Dr. Ci:Labo Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) Special Super 100 Series | Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich Lift Ex Moisturizer REVIEWS!


Dr. Ci:Labo sent me some of their products to try and I have two reviews to share. I LOVE these two and I really wasn’t expecting to. Maybe cause I was slightly bias by the packaging. It’s really not the cutest. But I did take before/after cause I’ve heard a lot about EGF and I wanted to see if it works. 

The first one that blew me away was the Super 100 EGF serum. I wanted it to target the fine lines around my eyes so I only used it there to judge if it works.


I dab it on after toner and use my ring finger to pat the product in, then I just continue the rest of my skincare and I first notice it’s effects when I apply concealer there after a week of use. I realize I didn’t need to bake as much and products weren’t settling into those lines as much. 

I took my after image about 3 weeks of using and I can clearly see those lines being plumped up and definitely less significant. 

I’ve always been very skeptical of anti-aging products cause unless it’s an active, the chances of it going beyond moisturizing or brightening your skin is really very little. 

I did some research on it and to break it down, EGF stands for epidermal growth factor, which is a protein that naturally occurs in our skin cells. The main purpose of it is to heal our skin by promoting DNA synthesis and cell proliferation.

The discovery of EGF actually won biologist Rita Levi-Montalcini and biochemist Stanley Cohen the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1986! Like 😱

EGF has many benefits for your skin and that includes hydration, prevention of pigmentation by inhibiting melanin production and helping to reduce appearance of wrinkles. By stimulating growth of new skin cells, it also improves and enhance our skin barrier. It allows our skin to hold on to moisture which in turns, leads to smoother, less texturized skin! 

Ok wtf this turned out longer than expected but u get the point. EGF = good for skin. 

The Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich Lift Ex moisturizer is a very rich moisturizer. If you have dry skin, you will love this. The application instruction does state 2 pearl-sized beads for morning use and a cherry-sized ball for evening. I don’t use this in the morning cause it is abit too rich but this has been a life savior at night cause I’ve been too bz too mask and this has helped prevent my skin from drying out in the air-con. 

When I skipped this to try out new moisturizer, I could feel the difference once I stayed in the air conditioned room for about 1 hour. My cheeks were tightening up really quickly. This has squalane in it and me love squalane. It has anti-inflammatory benefits and fights off free radicals that are skin damaging. It also has trehalose that helps skin retain moisture better.