Mamonde Vital Vitamin Range


Received a huge Mamonde box of goodies and first up, I really like how this pic turned out. Those are fake oranges btw. I found them in the house HAHAHA 

This is the Vital Vitamin range and so far, loving the essence but not so much the moisturizer. Essence has niacinamide and squalene among the top listed ingredients so good for brightening and moisturizing + plumping of skin but moisturizer not strong enough for me. My skin is too dry these days! 

If u have dehydrated/oily skin, it would be great as a morning moisturizer, I feel. It smells exactly like orange juice (or if u do housework regularly, it’s gonna remind u of mama lemon LOL) and is really refreshing. It says Vital Vitamin CREAM but it’s really a gel more than a cream.