S-Labo Face Soaps (Lavender/Argan Oil)


S-Labo recently sent me a package consisting of 2 facial soaps and 1 pack of sheet mask. 

The brand states that the soaps are made of natural ingredients that do not contain edetate, antiseptics, antioxidant, mineral oils or petroleum-based surfactants and that they are gentle for use even on sensitive skin. 

For a face soap to have high claims, u know I gotta pH test them. A low pH cleanser is gentle and what sensitive skin should be seeking. If you have sensitive skin, your moisture barrier will be even more easily compromised. If u use smth too alkaline, it will dry up your moisture barrier, damaging it and allowing breeding of bacteria. Sure, you can use a pH-adjusting toner but why don’t you just start with a gentle cleanser first? Don’t create a problem to fix lah. 


And this was hugely disappointing to me. Both soaps came to a pH of about 8-9 and they are going nowhere near my face. I’ll definitely use the lavender one for my body and hands for sure cause I absolutely love the scent but nope, not for my face. Same for the Argan oil one.