Medicube Red Spot Solution Needle Patch


This I LOVE. Expensive but I’ll definitely repurchase if my Guardian ever decides to restock ‘em. 

These are not your regular NEX acne patch. They are not hydrocolloid patches that will ‘suck out’ anything.

These patches actually come with tiny crystallized microneedles and the needles are made of the active ingredients. They are designed to go deeper into your skin instead of staying just on the surface and are PERFECT for cystic/hormonal aches. Don’t worry, these are super micro needles and will not leave any marks or scarring of any kind. 

If you have a regular zit that has a head, don’t waste these babies! Just use a regular acne patch ok.

When I feel a budding cystic, I go with my normal acid application and wait about 30 mins before applying the patch. By the next day, my cystic acne would be 90% gone. Redness and swelling would also be gone. 

My usual method of acid and TTO works fine in making cystic acne disappear but this just speeds the process up SO MUCH. I love love love this. 

I’ve been to 6 Guardians so far and they are all OOS. Pls let me know if you know of any that still carries this 😭😭😭 I’m so upset. 

My only gripe with this is that the application is v cumbersome and u have to remove all the little plastic pieces (there’s FOUR) or your patch won’t adhere well, without touching the microneedles so as not to contaminate it. So that’s just a note!