I thought this meme was pretty apt for the post. 

I’ll compare prices for toilet paper but I won’t bat an eyelid for a serum. Why is that so? 

Anyws, I cant seemed to stop going to Guardian and Watsons to buy shit and this post just kept getting pushed back, but I figured it’s now or never ok. I’ll do a Part II in a few months maybe?? If you guys find this post useful haha



So I guess this is just Part I! I included skincare and makeup and most are new products I’ve discovered this year Some are PR products and some are bought with my own money, but nothing in this list is sponsored by anyone okay. Disclaimer disclaimer 😑

Also, drugstore here just means Watsons and Guardian okay haha

Most of the makeup have been reviewed before so imma quickly list them in categories. I think I’ll do the skincare one in more detail since I haven’t talked about them at all. 



I thought I’d make my life slightly easier and not take single shots for these since I’ve already reviewed them individually before! 

All my makeup reviews can be found on Beautypeadia.com and they are categorized by brands so it’s super easy to find! 


For base products, I think it’s safe to say that the Canmake Perfect B.B. Serum is right there at the top of the list. This BB gives me great coverage, is super lightweight and lasts beautifully on me. Definitely HG. I feel like it’s lighter than the Curel one so this one is just right there on top. Sadly, it also only has 2 available shades. I don’t really venture out to try base products from drugstore - I really should! 

Gimme your recommendations and I’ll go find my shade to try! 

After a slight debate (with myself), I’ve decided that my fave compact powder for touch ups is the Cezanne UV Clear Face Powder. It’s more finely milled than the Canmake one so it gives an even more blurred out/smoothing effect. ME LOVE IT. I don’t go out without it; esp on long days. 

I also have a bias liking towards the white packaging. Super chic. 

If u have fine lines beneath your eyes, try the Bell Cosmetics Liquid Eye Concealer. It doesn’t emphasize the lines as much; especially if I bake it slightly and it covers just enough without feeling like I caked it on?? I’ve been using it consistently for 2 months now alr! It doesn’t have like, Shape Tape kinda coverage but I really don’t like Shape Tape?? It’s too gao and just too much. Singapore’s heat will melt everything right off. 

For contour, my reason new HG shade is from the Cezanne Nose Contour Palette. It’s this small little thing but a little goes a long way and I particularly like that cause the shade is absolute perfect for my skintone. Not too warm, not too cool either. I wish I can find this shade in a bigger pan but so far, no luck. I don’t like the highlight part in this Duo cause it freaking has huge chunks of glitter. 

I don’t think I’ll go in blushes cause that’s just pretty foolproof these days, right? 

Highlighter ✨✨✨ oh dear...this is where I succumb to everything hahahahah fml? 

I LOVE the Essence Glow Like A Mermaid highlighter. It looks intimidating but when swirled with a brush and applied, has this light champagne, almost iridescent glow. AMAZING. 

I love the Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighter (01) for inner corner and nose highlight cause it’s super poppin’ I kid u not. 

Im enjoying the Palladio I’m Glowing Highlighting Palette esp the first two shades (review will be coming soon) but oh it gives the most gorgeous slightly duochrome champagne shade and it blends into your skin like a dream. It isn’t too subtle, it isn’t too much. 

I’m very impressed with the highlighters out in the drugstore market these days 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 what is your fave drugstore highlighter??? Tell me tell me tell me! 


If you’re looking for a decent liner for tightlining, pls go find the Canmake Creamy Touch Liner (I believe I still have that story on my IG Highlights under MAKEUP), it does NOT budge for life. UHMAYZING. 

I don’t use mascara anymore these days cause #extensionsarelifesaviour but if you are, pls go use the L’Oréal Lash Paradise and you don’t wanna use any other lol. 


Oh wow, idk where to start HAHAHAHAH Lipsticks/lip products are the bane of my life, in a good way? Is that possible. When I’m feeling...the shopping-itch and Idw to overspend, I tend to go to Watsons and pick up a lipstick or a lip balm. It just scratches the itch and I love love love lipsticks. LOVE. I’m not gonna go too much into details & I’m gonna list them out instead?

1. Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition (Beau Brun) 
2. Australia GRLBOSS Velvet Lip Cream
3. Silky Girl Matte Junkie Lip Cream
4. Palladio Matte Lip Cream (Velour/Organza) 
5. Canmake Lip/Cheek Gel

These are definitely my current top few favorites and I’m aware I own them in similar shades lol. I honestly don’t like the latest Maybelline one. I’ve swatched and tried it but eh, I don’t like it. Idk why.

Okay yay I thought that was ultra quick. Now let’s move on to the FUN part. 




I’ll be listing down my faves of low pH cleansers and scrubs that I LOVE. Unfortunately, my HG Neutrogena one is NOT available in local stores except iHerb! I always get this qn! I know, I’m sad too. 

1. Hada Labo Gokyujun Foaming Face Wash
2. CNP Peeling Cleansing Gel
3. Cosrx Low pH Cleanser
4. Freeman Black Sugar + Charcoal Scrub
5. St Ives Coffee + Coconut Scrub 

Yes, the CNP cleanser is smth new I’ve discovered with a AWESOME pH of 4-5. It really reminds me of the Neutrogena one with a bit more viscosity. I LOVE IT. I don’t like the price tho haha must buy when Guardian got sales! 

All the cleanser listed above are of GOOD pH for our skin so they are definitely not drying nor irritating! 

Everything above, I’ve tried and really like so if you don’t wanna order the Neutrogena one from iHerb cause it’s honestly such a hassle for cleanser, then just go to Watsons/Guardian and pick these! 


Well, the CNP Peeling Boost goes 100%, without saying, into this list. I’ve finished like, 927389393 bottles and I just opened up a new one recently. 

I also realized, at this point, I didn’t take a picture of acids so.....😭

I’ve introduced one to my cousin who always had problematic skin and she texted me within 1 week to let me know that she can alr see improvements. 

It’s really gentle so it’s a good starter acid for those of u who are thinking of starting. Still, it’s an acid so do read up on purging/reaction and wear your sunscreen! 

As for AHA/BHA, it goes without saying that
1. LRP Effaclar Duo + 
2. Uriage K18
These two will make the list lah duh. Uriage is my HG and because it’s so strong, I only use it as spot treatment for my cystic acne to prevent my skin from over-sensitizing. 

I haven’t tried any Vit C from the drugstore yet so...none for that haha I’ll update in Part II if I ever do!




This is actually one of the easiest product to buy. The whole drugstore is so saturated with these. 
1. Hada Labo HA Lotion
2. Minon Amino Moist Charge Lotion I
3. Kosecosmeport Moisture Mild Lotion

These few are pretty decent and do what they are supposed to do - hydrate your skin. It’s watery so it’s the first product you pat in (after cleansing & acids)! 

If your skin is sensitive, go for the Minon one! I believe the ingredients are decent and simple enough. The Kosecosmeport one has more viscosity so dehydrated-dry will enjoy this. Plus, packaging is ACE 😍 The Hada Labo one is of course, without saying, an OG so I won’t go into it much.




I’m a huge huge fan of CNP ampules. I know they are ampules but the texture and % just make it pretty suitable for it to be used as a serum lah. I’m also NOT sponsored just FYI LOL I just like buying their products. 

1. CNP Propolis
I’m just finished my 3rd freaking bottle for this, hence, not included in picture. My skin loves Propolis for all its antioxidant, healing and moisturizing properties. It gives me a glow and calms my skin down. 

2. CNP Green Propolis
This is from the Brazilian’s Green Bee and includes Q10 for firming and anti-aging properties, on top of the regular properties! 

3. CNP Vita-Solution Whitening
This one comes with MAP, Vit B3 and Niacinamide to boost brightening and glow. I really like this! 

4. CNP Vita-B Energy
This ampule boasts of having cherry blossom water (🤷🏻‍♀️), niacinamide, and glutathione and plenty of fermented ingredients which are great for evening of skin tone and providing hydration. 

I think I’m addicted to buying these CNP ampules hahahaha I alternate and use whatever my skin fancies. If I’m closing in on my period, my skin tends to be irritated and blotchy so I use either the Propolis or the Green Propolis. If I’m extra tired and my skin looks that too, then I use the Vita-B or the Vita-Solution. And if I’m EXTRA fancy, I mix two hahaha

These are pretty great serums to start with - good ingredients and won’t break the bank!



If your skin is more dehydrated than dry, try the Kosecosmeport Kokutosei Black Sugar Emulsion! I really love Black Sugar as an ingredient - it can repair moisture barrier and with the fermented ingredients, provide plenty of hydration. Plus it’s an emulsion so it’s pretty lightweight and the packaging is super ace. Me love. 

If you want smth alittle simpler, the Kosecosmeport Moisture Milky Lotion is pretty good too. It has no fragrance, alcohol and no mineral oil added!

If your skin is sensitive, dry and flakes easily, the Minon Amino Moist Cream is quite gentle and moisturizes pretty well at the same time. I also double it up as an eye cream sometimes when I travel. The tube comes in a smaller size so it makes it pretty easy to bring along. 

However, my ULTIMATE fave for my dry dry skin is the Lululum Precious Cream. It has a weird butter-creamy texture which is slippery but still slightly thick? I really dk how to describe it. 

It’s actually pretty absorbent and instantly provides the moisture and seals in all my hydration from the previous step. What I really like is that squalene is the second ingredient. My skin really likes squalene - especially all those dry fine lines. It plumps up my skin and erases the appearance of the lines. 

We are all born with squalene in our skin but by the time we hit our mid-20s, they are ALL GONE 😭 which is why a lot of skin complains as we age, are about our skin is starting to feel dry. It’s kinda a process we can’t stop? But can replace lah, to a certain extent. Squalene also allows other ingredients to absorb and penetrate more efficiently into the skin so that’s another plus! 

I only use this as a night cream cause I found it too much in the day. I sleep in blasting aircon so this is a life savior. My skin doesn’t feel dry and tight when I wake up! I’ve also been using this as an eye cream for both day and night. I find that my fine lines are less emphasized especially when I use concealer! I freaking love this moisturizer.