St Ives Coconut and Coffee Exfoliating Scrub


Cleansers can be formulated properly one ok. I was sent this St Ives scrub and they recently repackaged the range so it’s SUPER cute imo. 

I’ve tested their old scrubs before and they fall in the low pH range but i have no clue if they reformulated it with the repackaging.


So I tested it and it came to a very appropriate pH! And this is like, a really affordable scrub sold in Watsons. 

I tried this and omg it’s smells so good. Contains walnut shell as it’s main exfoliant and it’s an effective natural exfoliant. St Ives labeled this exfoliant as a deep one but I felt like it was pretty gentle for a physical exfoliant. My skin was SOFT after. I thought only the Freeman Black Sugar one could do that but this is amazing. 

I have the lists of other varying cleansers’ pH on so if u r interested, can just do a site search!