Laneige Moist Cream Cleanser/ Multi Deep Clean Cleanser/Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser

Tested some new cleansers that somehow started accumulating on my table and....disappointing. 

Laneige makes so many good products except for their damn cleansers. I think so far, aside from the fresh calming gel one, none of their cleansers have been acceptable in my standards. 

The Elizabeth Arden one fell short too, by just a little. 

For the 9382992th time, cleansers that are too alkaline = too drying and strip skin of moisture barrier = perfect breeding ground for acne bacteria = SAD UNHAPPY SKIN. 

Sure, you can use a pH adjusting toner after but why not just use a cleanser that’s meant to cleanse and protect your skin in the first place, rather than completely strip it dry and then try to replace moisture after?

I have dry skin now so these are definitely not going in my routine. So what do u do with all the cleansers that are not of acceptable pH?


Fiddysnails on IG stated some pretty good uses so I’m just gonna post her caption I chanced upon right here. I normally use them to clean my brushes! Why not? Don’t waste the products right. 

I just personally wouldn’t use them on my face and would recommend you not to especially if u have dry or sensitive skin.