Laneige Collagen Drinks - Do they work?


PR packages are just insanely pretty these days and Laneige always has one of the best ones leh, I feel.

Anyw, I’ve alr reviewed the vita capsule mask here and it’s also on! 

I’ve yet to try the White Dew Sherbet one. I love the original version so I’m excited to see how this performs. Will do a proper review!

I started on these Laneige collagen drinks on 23 March. I’ve never really committed to intaking collagen products before but I thot I’d give it a proper go this time with pictures. I did forget on some nights but I was pretty religious the last 2.5 weeks aka ~18 bottles and took them nightly before I sleep. 

I made sure to keep my skincare products more or less the same, without introducing anything vastly different that will affect the results. 

After completing all 30, I felt like my skin was...bouncier and just smoother? But I also thought it’s in my head. Sooooo, of course I took before/after pictures! 


And omg guys, it’s not in my head!!! I even sent this to Flo to confirm the changes. Pls excuse lighting okay. 

My laughlines and undereye area are significantly plumper. My skin is just lifted? Because they were more lifted, my pores also seemed smaller I use the word ‘seemed’ cause pores cannot shrink in size. They will get bigger as your skin sags and gravity works at it but they can’t shrink. If your skin plumps up, then the lifted action will have a ‘lift’ effect to ur pores. 

I mean, did I grow plumper so my skin also more plump??? Idk. I haven’t done much research in detail so I really dk if collagen drink TRULY works tbh. Maybe it’s placebo effect? Results show that it kinda works leh? LOLOL. I sumpa I did not edit any thing and neither did I change up my routine leh. So I like to believe it has effects, placebo or not hahaha 

I understand that collagen is broken down into amino acids in your GI tract after being ingested so it’s not likely that any will ‘survive’ to your skin but I’ve read that amino acids may and they can serve as the building blocks for healthy skin! So I guess it’s more of an indirect benefit? Haha I’ll take any form of benefits that come my way LOL.