La Mer The Renewal Oil v.s. NUXE Multi-Purpose Dry Oil


I was very intrigued after seeing all the influencers’ posts on it and yknow me. I’m a skincare whore. I NEED TO TRY THIS. I went down to a few counters cause I heard they allow samples first but erm, oddly, the counters all say no?? Forget it. 

I thought I’d try my luck and purchase at DFS since it’s cheaper. Entire airport OOS. Just my luck? 

Just my luck or their marketing strong, I guess LOLOL. Anyw, I tried the tester (on the back of my hand, duh) and I was immediately struck by how familiar it smelled. The almond oil in it was very distinctive and it just really reminded me of another oil product but I wasn’t sure. So I decided till I reach back home and find that oil product I shelved aside. I remember really liking that one so I was very excited to do more research! 

I googled La Mer’s facial oil ingredients and the looooooooooong list was like, whoa omg. Tbh, the bulk skincare ingredients is in the first 10 and the first 3 normally holds the weight. So loooooong list of ingredients don’t impress me much if your first 3 is shit or useless stuff like, Aqua aka water.


This. This Nuxe multi-purpose dry oil, was at one time, my HG day oil. I started using it cause of some review I read but I’ve never actually went into full details on the ingredients involved. I remember it was really very nice to use and made my skin so nice. 

I know I still had one bottle as backup so I went to find it ah! I rmbr Guardian used to carry this brand and it’s so...不起眼. Like it looks so..........meh. 

But it’s really a great product! I did a table to compare ingredients but I can’t upload the table here leh lol. Means I have to type out ah fml. I will just do a comparison of the first 10 ingredients k. If not I’ll type till I die.

I’ll show u guys the ingredients first before I talk more about the products. 

(I’m sorry, I was out the whole night and was running on ZERO data so gotta come home and use WiFi LOL #firstworldproblems)

 LA MER The Renewal Oil 

1. Meadowfoam seed oil: stable carrier oil that had anti-aging properties
2. Dimethicone: I don’t need to explain this lah right
3. Caprylic Triglyceride: emollient to prevent moisture loss
4. Water
5. Trisiloxane: I still am trying to find more on this, unfortunately
6. Sweet Almond Oil: known for having Linoleic Acid, B-sitosterol (a phytosterol that is anti-inflammatory in nature) and Oleic Acid. This allows the oil to help out with skin softening/moisturizing abilities. Can also be used

7. Jojoba Seed Oil: closely resembles human sebum and has anti-inflammatory properties
8. Polydecene: Polydecenes are non-sticky emollients that create a smooth and silky feeling on skin
9. Hydrogenated Polydecene: Hydrogenated Polydecene is created when polydecenes are hydrogenated. Effective at moisturizing skin and reducing fine lines
10. Butylene Glycol: Has humectant properties. By drawing moisture to the skin from the surroundings, it can add hydration & can ease fine lines 

 NUXE Multi-purpose Dry Oil 

1. Coco-caprylate/caprate: provide high hydration and slip and it penetrates the skin surface and helps with skin regeneration
2. Dicaprylyl Ether: an ingredient that partly helps make it a dry oil
3. Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil: similar profile to human sebum. Contains palmitoleic fatty acids and is vital to delay aging. High in phytosterols which are the building blocks of cellular membrane/structure; also able to repair skin barrier function 

4. Sweet Almond Oil: a phytosterol that is anti-inflammatory in nature) and Oleic Acid. This allows the oil to help out with skin softening/moisturizing abilities. Can also be used to relieve dry and itchy skin
5. Hazel Seed Oil: dry oil that is moisturizing, and has antioxidant properties
6. Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil: a dry oil that has antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-microbial properties
7. Parfum/Fragrance

8. Tocopherol: have antioxidants, which can help protect and provide anti-aging effects. Tocopherols also help tighten and firm the look of skin and is also a natural preservative
9. Borago Officinalis Seed Oil: Anti-aging, soothe damaged/irritated skin m, moisturizing
10. Olive fruit oil: antioxidant effects

I’ve been back on NUXE for the past 5 days and omg I’m loving it. It gives me this glow and my makeup goes on beautifully. My skin is soft and clear and I’m gonna use it longer to see if my skin will plump back up. 

I haven’t try the La Mer one but so far, the NUXE oil one seemed highly comparable with a few similar ingredients. La Mer’s ingredient list is highly extensive but like I mentioned, the important ones are the first few. 

Just by comparing the first 10 of both oils, NUXE has pretty amazing ones that is highly comparable to La Mer. I major love it. If I can get a hold of the La Mer one, I’m definitely still trying it but I really dw to blow so much without trying it first. So...unless I can get hold of a sample or get it at DFS, idk when it’s gonna happen HAHA