Innisfree Green Tea Range!


A while back on IG Stories (still available under Highlights > Skincare!), I did a quick unboxing of this humongous Innisfree package cause it’s gonna be a relaunch of the very popular green tea range and the ingredients have been upgraded! 

Better ingredients is always a win, imo. The first thing I did was to pH-test all the cleansers in there, then did a solo-test on the serum, followed by the rest of the products.


I did a poll on IG to see if people know what the pH of cleansers should be! If you’ve been reading all my longass nagging, you would already know the answer LOLOL

But eh, 31% who picked Alkaline still scares me alittle okay! 

You’re supposed to be cleansing your skin and prep it to absorb further products. If you’re using a cleanser too alkaline, that alone strips your skin of its moisture, which in the process can damage the barrier. A damaged barrier will not absorb products as effectively and this in turn, wastes all your good expensive products lah! Vicious cycle!!!!

You can read more on cleanser's pH here.


I use regular pH strips to test the cleansers and these are not the MOST accurate but it gives me an approximate, which is more than enough. 

pH 1-6: acidic
pH 7: neutral
pH 8-14: alkaline
Skin’s pH: 5.5

As you can see for yourself, the only one that did not pass the test is the cleansing foam! Foam products are normally more drying so I kinda expected that. So far, the only foam cleanser that I’ve used and was not drying is the one Waseyo sent over! 

Personally, I’ve been LOVING the cleansing water. Zomg it smells SO GOOD. It also cleanses really well and I find myself using less cotton pad than usual. This is definitely on my repurchase list. This > micellar water so that says a lot k!! Out of all the cleansing products, this is my ♥️♥️♥️ HG makeup remover right now. I don’t wear mascara at all cause of my extensions so I can’t attest for that! Sorry! 

If you use mascara, maybe try the oil cleanser! I used it a few times to do a more thorough cleanse and it works wonderful too. I just don’t really use oil cleanser often lah. It’s a personal preference.


I tried every single product in this range but I’ll recommend y’all the ones I like best! The star product is definitely still the green tea seed serum. I removed all the other serums in my routine and just used this day/night to test it out. 

The first thing I noticed was how lightweight and hydrating it was. Fast absorption and my skin actually didn’t dry out throughout the day! This one I sumpa.

Green tea extract is extremely beneficial. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it can also promote elasticity in our skin so anti-aging!!! I also notice that my PMS breakouts this month is also reduced significantly? I only had one chin zit and it disappeared in 2 days with the help of my acids as well! 

Also, I just travelled and long flights and irregular schedule normally wreck my skin but this time, don’t have leh??? Really don’t have? I was damn surprised??? 

The cream and sleeping mask are also something I use daily. The cream feels more like a gel-cream than a cream. Not very heavy but moisturizing enough. I even use it in the day and it isn’t too heavy so that’s great. I don’t need a moisturizer that performs miracle. Just smth that don’t make my skin feel tight by midday lor.

Aside from the serum that I LOVE, I think another HG right now is the sleeping mask. This, Flo and I really like. It’s very light and u apply a layer and the next day, u don’t wake up with sticky sensation or a layer of oil. Just supple, hydrated, glowing skin. This is one very awesome sleeping mask. I HIGHLY recommend trying this. It’s pretty light so I even dab some beneath my eyes. Hahaha