Skinfood Aqua Grape Bounce Bubble Serum


I got sold on this cause of the packaging and the fact that the tester felt really nice on the back of my hands. It was very softening and smelt interesting. 

The first ingredient is Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract which is raised and harvested in the very deep seawater & is a special seaweed from Taiwan seaside. 

As a topical formulation, it actually has plenty of positive effects such as anti-inflammatory and brightening properties. It can also enhance skin’s natural moisture content and boost elasticity apparently. 

I was intrigued with these marine extracts because the Biotherm Plankton Essence worked really well for me as a hydrating product and this turned out really great for me too. 

It’s hydrating, plumped up my skin and brighten it and I love it for day use. 

This would be great for normal/dehydrated/oily skintypes who are seeking smth hydrating. The texture is really weird too but I swear it keeps ur skin v soft after u apply. 

If you’re on the drier side, u definitely still need smth more moisturizing.