I tried the Foreo U.F.O and here's my detailed review

This post is long overdue and I cannot wait to share it with u all. I’ve been testing it out for the past two months, recording notes and before/afters and whatnot and I’m finally done. 

If u have been wanting to put this on your Christmas wish list but dk if it’s worth it, I’m here to share my full review on the new Foreo U.F.O. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I really put a lot of effort into this post and it was damn tiring cause I wanted to provide the accurate and correct info ok. 

It’s gonna be wordy but pls take some time to digest it and read it. I read a lot a lot a lot of reviews before deciding NOT to buy the Skininc Trilight device cause 10 minutes - WHO GOT TIME? 

So don’t just read my review, go google and read other people’s reviews. Products and tools are always YMMV (Your Mileage Might Vary). Smth that works well for me might not for you and vice versa! 

 Some background: 

I first bought the Foreo (mine is the old old version) a couple of years back and reviewed it with comparison to the Clarasonic. I bought both of them with my own money btw. 

I fell in love with the Foreo with its multiple good points and have never touched my Clarasonic ever again. True story. 

Not only do I not need to change the brush head, i don’t need to worry about mold (EEW) and this is the BIGGEST plus point for me. 

The Clarasonic brush heads are super ex ok??? And the difference with the Foreo came immediately. My skin was SO SOFT to the touch & not stripped nor was it drying. 

Foreo is a Swedish brand with full in-house R&D and manufacturing & the silicone are all medical grade and resistant to microbiological growth. They are known for the T-SONIC PULSATIONS which are transdermal pulsations.

 Pulsations go up and down (think heart pulse) while vibrations go left and right! 

I sat down with the Foreo in-charge for over 2 hours learning all the different facts and usage of the entire line. Lol. It was v educational so I’m very prepped to write this post ok. 

 U.F.O - Ur Future Obsession 

Imma try to break this down in mini bite-size parts so it makes sense cause when this product first came out, I legit thought they were tryna sell a speaker. I was SO confused. 

The Original: $408 and the Mini: $267. The difference is the original has hot/cold settings so u can use all the masks and the mini has just the hot setting so the selection of masks u can use is limited.


The app is pre-set up with morning/night masks’ settings (e.g timing, temperature and which light). There are a total of 5 other masks - Youth Junkie, Matte Maniac, Shimmer Freak, H2Overdose and Glow Addict.

Each packet and the box itself contains a barcode and you scan the bar code to ‘activate’ the UFO and the setting it should be going on for that particular mask. Very simple and fool-proof.


Each box comes with 6-7 pieces of masks and it’s not ur typical sheet mask. 

Spot that little white piece? THATS THE MASK 🤯🤯🤯 ok sorry I was VERY blown away cause the whole time I watched the advert, i DIDNT GET WHERE THE MASK WAS??? And that’s why I thought they were selling a speaker.....🙃

The masks are MADE IN KOREA and are formulated without parabens, silicons, Disodium EDTA and all the nasty stuff!

Step1: Open the app and switch on ur Bluetooth
Step 2: Hold the top button of the UFO for 5 seconds to turn it on and it will pair with your phone 
Step 3. Choose the mask u want to use and activate the settings by scanning barcode 
Step 4: Remove the transparent ring around the UFO, place the white sheet mask on it with the tail going into that gap (I’ve marked it with the arrow), and then put the transparent ring back on to secure the mask in place. 
Step 5: Press start! 


The sun represents the day mask’s and the moon for the night mask’s settings. It’s alr preset for that two. 

The next mask I tried was the Glow Addict so that was the third barcode I scanned in. The next time I use this mask, I just have to hit ‘GA’ and start! 

There will be a soothing voice to guide u through and explain the light and mask accompanied with music as u use the device. It’s very spa-like and ALL IN 90 SECONDS. THATS AMAZING. (Ok, most of the masks are 90seconds but there’s a few that’s 2 mins) 

If I have extra time to spare (which I normally do cause 90secs????), I’ll squeeze the remaining essence out onto the pad and go for round 2. U can just press ‘Repeat’ and ‘Start’ and u can immediately do a round 2. 

The entire device is app-controlled and u can register and do up your warranty there. It’s all in the Foreo app. It’s just the device, a charging wire and the app on your phone! 

There are two heat settings:
• hot (20-50°C): instantly warms skin and relaxes 
• cold (4-20°C): lifts and firms skin

And unlike the foreo cleanser tool, this pulsation goes up to 10 000 to facilitate absorption instead of vibrations that pulls and tugs at skin. We don’t want that cause all the tugging = wrinkles! 

Some masks like the Shimmer Freak for undereyes depuffing uses the cold setting but some like the Day masks uses warm setting!

Red/Green/Blue LED Light 

I think this is the part that fascinated me the most so I did my own googling and research so I can understand it better! 

RED: (629nm) 
It’s normally used to erase signs of aging and stimulate collagen production.

For red light, your skin responds by building, strengthening, and maximizing cellular structure. Red light is also believed to target oil glands to reduce cytokines, which cause inflammation and plays a role in acne issues. 

BLUE: (463nm) 
It’s used to kill acne-causing bacteria! 

In the case of blue light, specific wavelengths stimulate production of oxygen radicals that kill P. acnes bacteria, all without damaging skin

GREEN: (519nm) 
Green is use to brighten complexion & even out skin tone. I’m actually v new to this. 

It’s used to treat dilated capillaries, sagging skin around the eyes, under eye circles, hyperpigmentation and sun spots. The calming nature can be used in combination with other light therapy to further rejuvenate the skin. Green light also calms damaged skin and reduces pain associated with it.


I’ll give u a standard #maskotd review for the masks: Glow Addict, Youth Junkie, Matte Maniac, H2Overdose and Shimmer Freak.

I’ll show u results and let u know what sensation (warm/cold), the lights involved and my personal feelz about the masks based on first impression as per my standard masks’ reviews. 

Then I’ll show u results from using the device 7 days in a row using the Day and Night Masks! The longer and more frequently u use the device, the more significant the results are!


YOUTH JUNKIE: rich collagen-infused complex to nourish and smoothen skin

- Red LED light 
- Warming sensation 
- Better for dryer skin and to use at night. Leaves a sheen as it contains jojoba oil & leaves skin VERY soft!
- Main ingredients: collagen, vitamin E, triple oil complex


Youth Junkie is DEFO one of my favorite out of the entire range. It not only brightened my skin, it left it SO DAMN SOFT. Do note that it has a slight-oily finish cause it’s really v rich and I prefer using it at night cause I sleep in aircon and this keeps my skin v moisturized and not dry out through the night. 

I have dehydrated-dry skintype (more to dry) so this made my skin feel extremely comfortable. I love how it left it moisturized but wasn’t overly rich.


GLOW ADDICT: enhanced brightening for more radiant complexion

- Green LED light 
- Warming sensation 
- Dehydrated-dry skin types will enjoy this. It dries down to a slight tacky finish but goes away after I apply moisturizer on top
- Main ingredients: Pearl extract and vitamin E


Glow addict is my second fave. It immediately brightens my swallow skin and reduces redness (this happens during TOTM, for me) and my complexion is smoothen out. I use lesser makeup cause my skin is brighter and makeup lasts better as well. 

It’s great for dehydrated to dry skin and since I have pretty dry skin, I still seal it with a moisturizer. I also prefer using this in the day just cause it’s lightweight.


MATTE MANIAC: charcoal-infused to reduce sebum and reduce imperfections 

- Blue & Purple (Red is added to Blue) LED Light 
- Cooling sensation 
- oily skin with blemishes 
- main ingredients: charcoal and snow lotus 


I wasn’t expecting the charcoal one to be brightening but hey, I definitely don’t mind it. It also was not a matte finish, if you were wondering. It left my skin hydrated, but not overly-moisturized. 

I love that it uses blue and purple light. I actually had the best results with green light but I like the idea of blue light a week before my period so my hormonal breakouts are under control.


H2Overdose: Hydrating and replenishing for dry-dehydrated skin types

- Red & Green LED Light
- Warming sensation 
- dehydrated to dry skintypes
- main ingredients: hyaluronic acid and 2 water-binding plant sugars to boost the effects of HA and prevent moisture loss by reinforcing skin barrier


I have on-the-fence feeling about H2Overdose. 

It was thicker than I expected and more moisturizing than hydrating. I do like the brightening effect it gave me in a few minutes. It sunk in nicely and didn’t leave any tacky residue but I just didn’t love it like I thought I would! I normally LOVE hydrating products cause my skin needs it but this just fell alittle off the mark for me. 

Also, it’s a few days before TOTM so my skin was exceptionally shitty-looking & dull. 


SHIMMER FREAK: caffeine-infused and contains light-reflecting particles that can diminish the look of dark circles 

- Red & Blue LED Light 
- Cooling sensation 
- dark/swallow circles, dry and puffy eyes 
- main ingredients: niacinamide, caffeine and rose water 

Niacinamide is known for brightening properties and can help with fine lines as well. Caffeine is a well-known agent in eye-care ingredients cause it’s said to help tighten and brighten the skin around there. Rose water is always great cause it helps to hydrate and soothe. 

I’m just slightly confused with the blue light cause I thought green would be a better option.


The brightening effect is pretty significant but it was a tad inconvenient cause the round tool wouldn’t really fit nicely under my eyes? My inner corners are my main concern for lines and I couldn’t reach it so I used my fingers to pat the products in instead. If it’s in the shape of a beauty blender, I’m sure it’d make a heck of a difference.

Also, cause the tool is so huge, I find that my entire cheeks were covered instead of just my undereyes. Not really a complain but it’s really weird for undereye masking. I think for this, I still prefer traditional under eye masks!


MAKE MY DAY: combining deep hydration and pollution protection

- Red and Green LED lights
- Warming sensation 
- for dry/dehydrated skin so most skin types would benefit
- main ingredients: hyaluronic acid and red algae

CALL IT A NIGHT: revitalize and nourish your skin

- Red LED light
- warming sensation
- dryer skin types
- main ingredients: ginseng and olive oil

These two boxes are meant to be used daily for an entire week straight. So it was the first two I tried out and I used it consecutively for 7 days, morning and night.


After 7 days of DAY.

My skin was MUCH softer, skin tone was evened out and redness was more subdued.


After 7 days of NIGHT.

Fairer, brighter skin and more moisturized. I skipped all oil treatments during this period and simply sealed with a moisturizer.


For my eye area, I can see the outer area of the undereye all plumped up and less visible fine lines. It’s smoother and texture is lesser. Makeup, esp. concealer goes one so much better and cake up less. And pls bear in mind this is only after seven days!


This is taken bare-skinned and my pores have visibly shrunk??!! Pores cannot shrink lah and it’s probably that my skin is plumper and more hydrated/moisturized so it appears healthier and has more bounce. 

Because I was observing daily, I couldn’t really see a difference until I put up the images to compare. Seeing this made me highly impressed! 

 My thoughts 

I do believe light therapy helps the skin in some way or another after reading countless journal articles while testing this product out. After using the tool for 7 days straight, it made me believe it more because I could visibly see the difference for myself.

I enjoy how convenient it is when I want to mask but time is a constraint. I also like the price point cause it doesn’t differ much from a regular sheet mask. 

The day/night ones cost $16 each box and you get 7pcs while the others cost $30 and u get 6. A FIF mask cost $4.95 so no diff to me basically. 

HOWEVER, during the process, I must admit I did miss regular sheetmasking occasionally. Sheet-masking is a relaxing process and if u actually do sheet-mask, u know the 20-mins process can be a very relaxing one.

This is great for the busy bees, mommies or those who are ALWAYS FLYING. Omg how convenient is this on the plane? No more judging eyes. I always get judged when I use a sheet mask on the plane lol. 

I love the LED light and I’ll definitely use this on a regular basis to get the full benefits but I won’t be giving up regular sheet masking. Just that now, if I have to rush or just wanna SLEEP, I don’t need to sacrifice my masking! 

It’s a great product that definitely showed me results and if u have always wanted to invest in a tool with LED lights for ur skin, I’d say try this. I have always wanted to and I didn’t buy the Skininc Trilight cause I won’t have the patience or the time to hold the device to my face for 10 mins so that’s just my take. I know some friends who have it and don’t use it too, just cause of the time factor.

This is 90secs - 2mins a day and for the 7 days straight I was testing it, it was very convenient and hassle-free. 

Ok, I think I’ve nth more to add. Omfg this took me so long.