Bernard Cassiere Deep Pore Cleanser

I’ve seen many influencers raved about their products so I was pretty excited to try out the products they sent me. 

I’m focusing on the cleanser today and I have a lot to say tbh.


These are the claims and I was really quite confused. Let me explain why. 

The brochure (and packaging) states that u should leave this on for 2-3 mins or longer depending on your skintype and I’ve never come across a cleanser that instructs that. 

I tested out the pH and it did come to a good low-pH of 4-5 BUT I also studied the ingredients. 

There wasn’t any active working ingredients that would require u to leave this on for 2-3 minutes for it to ‘work’. With SLS in this, the longer u have it on, the more likely it is to irritate sensitive skin. It also has fragrance added. I do think the pH comes from sodium benzoate (salt of benzoic acid) which acts as a preservative in this case. 

It also feels weird as a cleanser. It felt more like a moisturizer and it didn’t left my skin feeling clean. And I used the foreo with it ok. 

I actually had to go in with another cleanser to wash my face cause it didn’t feel cleansed at all. 

All in all, I really really didn’t like this despite the low pH. I was sad cause I was expecting to like it after testing the pH!