Wonjin Baby Glow Cream


I decided to give this cream a try, which is v similar to the Laneige Tone Up one except this is waaaaaay glowier. U won’t like it if u have oily skin. I was rather sold on the packaging and the fact that it also contains skincare ingredients. A little goes a loooong way.


I actually freaking love it tho. I find that I had to work the product into the skin instead of just patting it in and letting it sit on top. The more I work it in, the nicer the finish. It looked even better after a while...more natural. Plus it didn’t streak and remove my sunscreen below so i appreciate that.

After 6 hours, I wasn’t oily but I was very bright and glowy. I thought I was oily at the end but no, oil production was minimal and I was just glowy lol. It evened out my skin tone and I look v healthy. Love!