Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence / Whitening Lotion / Intensive Repair Mask


I’m sorry it took so long cause not only was I testing it, I was comparing it to another drugstore vitamin c and testing takes 3 weeks + comparison another few weeks so yadahyahdah.

These two drugstore vitamin C kept popping up in my DM as requests to try them out so I decided that I should try and compare! 

YES. This is 100000% worth the hype. I love it so much, I have 4 tubes as backup. I intro it to Joyce & she loved it so much, she made me sweep shelf at Guardian and she now has many many tubes too. I’m a bad friend LOL 

Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence


I tested the Vitamin C on its own first so I shall talk about that first. This is my first Vit C in a tube packaging and let me just say the packaging is PERFECT. Vit C oxidizes, even in a tinted glass bottle so I normally wrap mine in aluminum foil. This comes COMPLETELY COVERED and I’ve been using tube 1 for months now and it still comes out clear as day. If your Vit c has darken, yes it has oxidized. 

Secondly it has this little dropper opening that squeezes out the perfect dot. 

I’m excessive and I use 5 dots EACH on my cheeks and forehead. It looks like a small tube but trust me, it goes a long long long way. I’m still on tube one ok. Haven’t even touch my backups yet. 

After a couple of weeks into it, I realized my skin is softer and brighter. Skin tone has evened out and when I say softer, I really mean SOFT. It’s amazing. 

Melano CC Whitening Lotion


That’s when I decided to try the toner

Step 1: Pat on the toner on areas I’m applying the Vit c 
Step 2: Apply Vit c essence (20 mins waiting time) 
Step 3: Hydrating Toner and the rest of the step goes on

After trying out the toner PLUS Vit C essence, I realized it helps to absorb the Vit C and I swear the toner’s citrus scent helps me to wake up in the morning. I LOVE IT. 

Melano CC Intensive Repair Mask


And because I alr got suckered into buying both out of the range, I also decided to try the masks LOL it’s very easy to get me to spend money. 

I don’t use the mask daily - maybe 2x a week?

Step 1: apply toner 
Step 2: apply mask (10-15 mins) 
Step 3: apply Vit C essence (then include waiting time of 20 mins and rest of the steps follow)

The mask contains the Vit C essence in a lower conc but after applying it for 15 mins, I sumpa ur skin will instantly soften and brighten. ITS DAMN SOFT ONE.

🔻🔺 If u wanna know how to include Vit C, other acids such as Sunday Riley’s Good Genes or Pixi Glow Toner, I have a post on layering, a post on acids and just basic skincare routine guides on and they are all categorized nicely under the skincare tab!! 🔺🔻