Biotherm Life Plankton Essence


I was initially v skeptical but hey, that’s not a reason to give it a shot. I spent a while googling the ingredients and working out the viscosity on my hands, & I figured this is somewhat like a first essence (hence the name). 

After using this for an entire month, I sumpa this performs really really similarly to the Estée Lauder Microessence. Because the EL is alittle thicker, I used this Biotherm one in the day as a first essence! 

I didn’t notice much brightening (compared to the Estée Lauder ME) but this is ultra hydrating. I didn’t bring it with me to Bali and I could seriously feel a difference skipping it. My skin LOVES this wtf. I wasn’t expecting it. It drinks it up like nobody’s business. If u have dehydrated skin and are looking for a hydrating toner, this is really perfect. I just put some on my palm and pat it in right before I use my Mamonde Rosewater one!