Kokutousei Milky Lotion review



Right after the wedding, my skin went abit MAD. I think the amount of makeup I had on was just too much for my skin all of a sudden plus I only brought along travel-sized skincare (instead of my usual) to the hotel for the two-night stay. My skin went bonkers - makeup/late nights/drying air con. It got REALLY dry and started breaking out in weird places. 

I put the Kokutousei Milky Lotion to the test since it’s meant for hydration. I took out my usual hydrating serum and replaced it with this.

I added it in right before my moisturizer step since it’s an emulsion and it really seemed to help with hydration. I didn’t google about this or the ingredients beforehand so I went and do my research to see if I was imagining the effects lol. 

Basically, there’s fermented black sugar extract in it. The sugar cane comes from Tokuno Island and is then put thru the process of fermentation. 

Hydration is maintained with fermented black sugar extract + 2 types of HA, Lipidure and Tree Peony Extract. 

Lipidure has a higher moisturizing efficacy in comparison with sodium hyaluronate and is less likely to induce irritation! Tree Peony Extract n anti-oxidant effect similar to Vitamin E. The botanical prevents cell damage in the epidermal cells = HEALTHY skin!! 

Not too shabby ah??? I keep adding and adding steps into my routine. One day, I’m just gonna be waking up and putting on stuff for like, 12 hours straight HAHAHAHA fml.

I feel like this has a tad bit more moisturizing properties than the Mamonde Rosewater Gel Cream so I alternate between that depending on how my skin feels.