Sulwhasoo Snowise Range Review - Water, Serum, Emulsion


This is for the brides preparing for their big day and actually, any one with pigmentation issues!

I was sent this entire range of Snowise range to try and review but I've actually reviewed the mask before. The review today is actually about the products and not the mask but just to show u how amazing the mask is πŸ‘‡πŸΌ


The full review which talks about ingredients, texture, application etc. can be found here but just to touch and's how the mask looks like. So freaking luxurious 😍 

I'm hoarding the rest I own for before the wedding and this is why πŸ‘‡πŸΌ


HELLOOO???! I was instantly 3 shades fairer?!?!!!???!??? 😍😍😍


Since the mask gave me such high hopes, I wanted to see how the range performed. 

When I went to Harry Potter world in LA, I didn't sunscreen-ed up enough ☹️😭 Totally regretted it cause I was super dark when I came back and what was really shocking was the back of my right hand developed AGE SPOTS LEH. 

I wish I took a pic of it when they developed cause they were REALLY BAD and I was so upset 😭

Age spots are basically due to sun exposure and are pigmentation basically. I wash my hands pretty regularly cause OCD and this results in them being not very protected from the sun lah.

I am trying out other new stuff on my face and I don't have any scarring or spots on my face to brightened, but I really wanted to see if this range can work against them so decided to try it on the spots on my hands!

The spots lightened quite a lot after I got back to SG and hid away from the sun religiously but they are STILL there. I'm so annoyed by them. 

So I used the Snowise range at the back of my hand, every night, for 2 weeks straight. I don't apply my usual hand moisturizer there so it's just that.

I used it in this order:
Water > Serum > Emulsion


I am sooooooo happy and relieved when I realized that omg my spots were disappearing super quickly???? 😱😱😱

They are more or less gone and I really can hardly see them anymore so I'm gonna go ahead and say yes, these do work quite well on age spots!!! Omg isn't it so amazing? 

Expensive but worth the price for real!!! 

#Dayrebrides looking for products to even out skintone, fight spots and brightened up your skin, this is it. Can't go wrong!!! Try to get samples so u can try them out first. 

I really wish I can bathe in these but yah, nobody got money for that kinda stuff except maybe royalties hahaha

If u want to purchase smth from them and get samples, do get the overnight vitalizing mask. I feel like that is a good introduction to the brand, suitable for almost all skin types and feels so luxe. Very worth the price!