Mamonde Petal Spa Cleansing Oil / Oil to Foam / Cleansing Balm - Review

I initially planned this review for the Mamonde cleansers that were just released but *spoiler*, I didn’t like any of them and I’m gonna explain why in abit. 

I didn’t want to just leave the post that way so I decided to throw in my own-double-cleansing routine coupled with the products I personally love and use. Idk why tho cause nothing changed haha but why not?? 



These are beautiful in pics tho. 

Ok, let's get into it: 
I am a FAN of micellar water so I had to pluck myself out of this really comfortable comfort zone just to try these out. I will try new skin care anytime but I'm bloody picky when it comes to facial wash and cleansers. 

Btw, I've ordered some pH strips to start testing new cleansers being sent to me so HANG TIGHT. Me iz will be back with more info. I can't stand not knowing anymore. I have so many cleansers to test!!! 

I will talk more about the importance of pH cleansers in a second k. 

These smell SOOOOOOOOOOO NAISE. Like wow I keep opening them up just to sniff at them. The rose scent is so soft and calming. Like the Mamonde Rosewater!! That is one of my HG hydrating toner!

I'm also late to this review cause I wanted to try on a full face of makeup for each of it just so I can test
• how well it removes waterproof makeup
• how it feels after
• how sensitive it is on the eyes

I tried each product separately using the same waterproof mascara (Dolly Wink Long Mascara - this is a biiiiiiiitch to remove) & random matte liquid lipstick for each time (Kylie, NYX and Kat Von D) and of course, using regular sunscreen and base products. 

For all 3, to check how well these worked, I used a cotton pad with micellar water to clean my face after just to see how 'clean' it is after. I also followed up with a regular cleanser cause DOUBLE CLEANSING FTW.


This is a balm cleanser and has a almost squishy gel texture. The recommendation for this is to use water to wash off with lukewarm water or cleansing foam. I always ALWAYS double-cleanse anyw, so this wasn't much of an issue. 

I just scooped some and started massaging it into my skin and around the eyes. Then I rinsed it off with water and did a check with a cotton pad & micellar water. 

There was definitely some base product residue on the cotton pad and oh lord, so much mascara residue. And my vision was so blurred after LOL. It didn't really sting my eyes but my eyes wouldn't stop watering for hours after. I wouldn't even say my eyes are sensitive?? But these caused me so much discomfort throughout the night 🙅🏻


Next up, is the oil cleanser. It isn't as thick as most oil cleanser and is in fact, really watery. I had to pump more than 3 pumps to cover my whole face and these sting my eyes. Like, badly. They made my eyes tear up so bad as well. The sting didn't even go away after a few hours and I hate it. 

This did well in removing my base products but again, failed at the waterproof mascara 🙅🏻 I mean, if I use an oil-cleanser, I really would require it to remove waterproof mascara and do it well. I also would need it to not sting my eyes leh??? I've used oil cleansers before including pure oils such as coconut and jojoba oil and those tend to be the best for not stinging eyes, and yet able to remove all traces of waterproof makeup.


Lastly, it’s the oil to foam cleanser. Isn't really very foamy as u can see and isn't drying like most foamy cleansers. I'll update after testing the pH of this cleanser. 

If you only have a light base, this would be good because this didn't do well in removing my mascara and neither did it work on my liquid lipstick. There was so much residue left for mascara and lipstick 🙅🏻 Also stung my eyes but they stung the least out of all three. 

Overall, these feel okay on the skin? I didn’t feel like they are drying, or stripping particularly but the stinging of my eyes are a no-go. I don’t even think my eyes are very sensitive most of the time. The other one that makes my eyes tear so bad is the Bioderma micellar water. 😫

If u don’t use WP mascara/a ton of base product and just want a sunscreen remover, then these are decent. They smell SO GOOD. But otherwise, for me, uh-uh. They are a no-go.