CNP vs Skinmiso (Nose Pack for Blackheads!)


How do I always have skincare shit to talk about lol oh wells, here's another one! This time it's a comparison between 2 highly similar products. Im a skincare-junkie really. 

I came across the CNP Lab Blackhead Clear Kit in Guardian a couple of weeks ago and it reminded me so much of my beloved Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack. So let's compare~


These are really similar, or if not, the same kinda thing really. 

1. Use a step 1 to loosen up the blackheads/whiteheads (and sometimes sebaceous filament lol) 
2. Use a cotton bud to 'wipe off the clogged stuff' 
3. Use a step 2 to 'seal' ur pores back or smth along the line

I'm just giving a gist of it all for the comparison but u can google if u wanna know exactly what it all does 🙆🏻

Skinmiso carries it in a trial pack of 4 or a full pack of 10. I always buy the pack of 10 and I use them once every few weeks just to clear the deeper-rooted gunk on my nose. I will also pour excess onto a cotton pad and use that on my chin. 

So far, I've only seen CNP carry it in a pack of 3 sets. Is there a pack with more??? I don't think so right? 

I've been super dooper sad when Watsons pulled Skinmiso off the shelves and prices now really vary on where you get them. I see the pack of 10 bring priced at around ~$30 on Shopee, I think? Which means one set is about $3. 

The CNP one is going for ~$15 at Guardian for a set of 3 so it is going for $5 for one set. 

*one set includes a step 1 & step 2 

I tried both of them and I think my heart still belongs to Skinmiso. For one, it definitely has more essence in a packet. I mentioned that I pour the excess out on a piece of cotton pad that I halved so it can fit on my chin area. I tried with CNP and it barely had any left in the packet to do my chin as well. 

I tried them both twice and Skinmiso definitely has more and it's definitely cheaper. 

I did a comparison of both ingredient lists and they looked really similar. In terms of effectiveness, they both worked equally well? I don't see a huge difference in either! 

I don't really know if this is even really good for the skin cause i haven't done my research, but I do figure out that they are definitely better than pore strips. Pore strips are a huge NO in my opinion just cause the stress of pulling the strip off so hard stretches the skin and increases the size of the pores. And pore sizes cannot shrink. Despite what products claim, pore size cannot shrink. They can be cleaned out so they look smaller but the size of them remains the same.