Mamonde First Energy Essence - Honeysuckle (Review!)

Mamonde is a new brand that just entered the market and I'm very grateful to be able to try them out so I can write a review for you all! 

I covered the powder and lippies, which I love and I'm sure if you've tried it at the counter (Tangs), you would know why I love No. 9 Number Memory SO MUCH. I don't know a person who didn't like it yet. 

I don't often go into details when it comes to makeup but for skincare, yasss yasss yassssss. More details the better, right? Haha

Just to add on, I don't receive briefs or press release to write these reviews. If u r wondering, after trying them out and researching on the brand on my own, then that's when I normally write a review. 

After blind-testing the products, I would do a quick Google on the brand just so I can understand it better. This helps me understand the formulation behind the products and I find that I trust brands better this way. Also, mainly cause brands that have claims to be 'organic' and all like Aesop are just 🙄 cause their ingredients are (mostly) horrible and sooooo harsh. Well, that being said, if it suits u, go ahead! Skincare is a very YMMV afterall. 

If u have seen Mamonde's IG, u will see a ton of nature and florals. Right up my alley lah. Anything floral is always 😍.

They center their ingredients around 5 main flowers - Honeysuckle, hibiscus, narcissus, lotus and camellia. Benefits from these includes nourishment, hydration, brightening etc. 

I went ahead and google more on Honeysuckle and it's benefits cause I've never heard of it as an ingredient before and I was like YASSS when I found out it can soothe blemishes plus anti-inflammatory properties so also good for rash, eczema and even SUNBURN? What sorcery is this ingredient. 

Anyws, out of all that I've been trying, I got three that I've enjoyed using a lot. I enjoy products that work. Yes, I move around products a lot but that gives me the enjoyment of trying out new stuff and finding awesome finds to share. 

Read about the cushion cover and lippies here.

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The partner-in-crime to the sheet mask is the First Energy Essence. This part is kinda confusing. Well, I got confused lah. I understand that Mamonde came out with an essence and serum under this and I wasn't sure if they were meant to be used together so I did some quick googling.

Okayyyyy. This kinda makes sense. Except, both are used in different steps of the routine and have varying ingredients. NOT CONFUSING MEH. Later I show which step this goes under k. 


The essence is in a 150ml bottle that is simple and clean-looking, and the stopper controls the flow rather well! Bottle is plastic so no worries of breaking if u drop it accidentally. 


It's a clear watery liquid that has a sweet floral scent. It isn't heavy and actually goes away pretty quickly. Feels v light and product gets absorbed super quick.  


I'm excited to see that the main ingredient (Honeysuckle) is the first; instead of the usual water or glycerin or smth hydrating. Niacinamide is also in this so if u r looking for a brightening light essence, this should be right up there. But one ingredient that stood out was Lactobacillus Ferment.

Apparently the lactic acid bacteria is used to compliment the fermentation of the Honeysuckle. 

Adenosine helps with cell regeneration although I wonder about the effects thru topical application 🤔 All in all, decent ingredients lah. Alcohol is 6th on the list so it doesn't affect me much.  


For the essence, I use it in the step of my first essence cause presence of fermented ingredients but if you're using the serum, then just use it in the step where u normally apply ur serum!

If you're confused, here's a template 🙆🏻


After using it 2x a day, for 7 days straight, I started to notice slight lightening of my PIH! And these are my really bad ones. I attribute it to the Niacinamide but it's really weird lah k cause my skin normally reacts v badly to Niacinamide. What's happening sia. But anyw, I circled out the worse one so I can compare and these two pics' lighting quite similar somemore! So I'm not imagining it. 

Overall, my skin is definitely clearer but I don't feel like it did much on hydration end.

I mean, my face don't feel dry, but it doesn't feel as hydrated compared to when I use my other first essences lah. That's fine cause this is kinda the first step in my routine and I gotta add on more later anyws.

Also, like I mentioned, it seemed to have this clearing effect on my skin compared to a brightening effect. My skin seems...calmer and happier when I use this!