Mamonde Age Control Power Eye Cream - Review!


You all probably know I've been on a search for a good eye cream for months. I know not a lot of u enjoy using coconut oil so I've stopped that and went on a hunt for something that is probably more universal. I went through a few that was okay and meh but didn't work much? 

If you follow me on IG, you would have seen my rant on the Cerave Eye Moisturizing Cream. Used it for a month. Nadah.

Then this Mamonde Age Control Power Eye Cream came and I feel like I can rest my case of finding a decent eye product now.


I was admittedly judgmental and skeptical when I first got this cause omg why does it look so CNY. It's damn cheena-looking on my shelf and I really don't like the color lol. 

BUT, the tube packaging is 👌🏼 cause I don't like eye products that come in a jar. This is super convenient and hygienic plus the squeeze tube is easily controlled. One pump gives me an adequate amount for one eye area 👁


If you're worried about milia seeds due to heaviness, then fear not! This is a light gel that sets very nicely and keeps the area v hydrated. I pump one pump out, dot it around my eye area, focusing majority on the undereye and then pat it in with my ring finger - no tugging or pulling or stretching of any kind k. 


If you're interested in ingredients. I don't think I've ever tried to read eye-cream ingredients before so this is a first 😛

Why ah. I should pay more attention to ingredients for that too.


A picture says a thousand words okay. I don't need to elaborate alr right. ONLY 1.5 weeks leh!!!! Wah omg I'm so impressed. I sent this to a whole bunch of my friends and families alr - go get go get. THIS WORKS WHEEEE. 

And it's really damn light! Luvvitttttt. Btw, I don't really know of any that lightens dark circle yet but this works so well for hydrating and plumping fine lines. I'm overjoyed 🙌🏼 I've been drooling at all of your posts on the opening of Mamonde Tangs counter and I'm really damn excited to go back and buy all the Korean products. I've been deprived here way too long ☹️