Uriage K18 - Does it work?

I first tried this in 2014 😱 THREE YEARS LIAO and that was one of my first AHA/BHA product! I was testing testing water at that time and I got to know of the brand through bloggers' sponsored posts at that time. I think they were trying to sell the mist haha and I just ended up checking the anti-blemish range as well. 

This is a French product (if I'm not wrong) and the French do weird skincare but if it's effective, I'm not complaining haha

This claims to have AHA-BHA complex. I don't have a clue what that means tho. A quick scan at the ingredients show Glycolic acid and Malic acid (both are AHA) so idk what is BHA-complex 🤔 Google failed me so I really dk if the company just made shit up HAHAHA wtf lah. The ingredients have no BHA leh?? 

Anyw, this product is probably in the right pH for both the glycolic acid and malic acid to work cause it's pretty effective. The AHA is in 18% concentration which is really high.

My pores were significantly cleaner and this made them look almost invisible after a couple of uses. 

However, even tho this doesn't have BHA, it has a high % of AHA which is why it probably works. It isn't irritating even with the high % and I think that's due to the thermal water in it. It's the first ingredient, I think. So it's effective but not really irritating for an AHA.

It is pretty thick so I prefer to only use this in the AM, PLUS this is an AHA and I only really use AHAs at night. 

Where to include this product: This is right where I use my actives! So I apply and leave it for 20-30 minutes before continuing my other skincare per usual 🙆🏻