Laneige White Dew Original Ampoule Essence

I've been extremely...lucky with my skin recently. 'Lucky' being almost every new product I've tried, my skin is enjoying it. Now the Law of Averages doesn't work that way and I keep feeling apprehensive that the next product I try, my skin will rebel and hate it. 

My latest HG essence has taken over my Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence. I couldn't put the latter down after I started using it but omg, this Laneige White Dew Original Ampoule Essence is bomb. 

Just an additional side note: I feel that the White Dew Original Ampoule Essence is lighter and absorbs faster. It's also definitely more hydrating. It brightened my skin very well; especially coupled with sheet-masking. However, I still feel that the White Plus Renew Essence did a better job at evening out my skin tone.

It has a similar packaging compared to the White Plus Renew one but this blue gradient gives me life. It's SO NICE. I really enjoy my skincare more when the packaging is nice. It just makes the process so much more enjoyable lah.

Comes with a dropper so what I normally do is drop one drop each on forehead and cheeks and then pat them all in. 

This would take the place of a serum/essence for me, AFTER hydration toner.

It is in a way runnier consistency and feels lighter too! I pat it in till it gets tacky then sealing it with either a moisturizer (AM) or sheet mask > moisturizer (PM). 

I was very interested in its hydrating abilities since it contains phyto sugar water - Trehalose & Raffinose. Trehalose helps to regulate skin moisture content while Raffinose supplies moisture to skin and boost skin brightening effects. So I decided to test this on one v neglected area - my eyelids.

Izzit I running out of space on my face to test stuff. I have to resort to using eyelids 😂 No lah, kidding, my lids are really neglected.

I'm sorry u guys have to get so upclose and personal. Idk how to show y'all otherwise leh hahahaha

Okay, I hope the compression don't make this too shitty. In the before, u can see fine lines and just how dry my lids are. 

I use a teeny bit of the serum and gently pat it into my lids and u can see the big difference in just 7 days! A lot of the fine lines have disappeared and my skin there feels and looks less thin and dry. 

I was really v pleased with the visible results. My lids deserved all the pampering! Did my veins freak anyone out tho. 

Now, if someone were to ask me to take a barefaced selfie of myself a few years ago, I would laugh so hard and then hide. No way would that be a voluntary thing.

But I'm really so delighted by the positive change my skin is taking that I feel like I'm finally comfortable in my own skin. That glow u see is real. 

The essence has evened out a lot of my shallowness and significantly brighten my skin, and as u have seen from my lids above, it has pretty decent hydration properties too. I have no qualms taking barefaced selfies even with the iPhone back-facing camera okay ✌🏼

I believe coupled with sheet masking daily, my skin has improved by leaps and bounds. Idk how true this is, but I read that sheet masking 'forces' the essence/serum that u apply to work with ur skin instead of evaporating. 

If u seen my IG-stories and read whatever #maskotd posts I put up, u would know I'm on a crazy mask-journey.

I have doing it daily for 2 weeks now and I'm pretty ready for a review. I've gotten so many emails and DMs asking if it really helps! 

If u see, I've been using a lot of wallet-friendly masks since it's a daily thing. Cannot afford $5 sheet mask daily leh wtf. I only needed the masks to serve one purpose - hydration. Ever since I started thinking of dehydrated skin instead of dry skin, it has changed the way I treat it and I really can see crazy changes. 

I'm using one sheet mask a day ever since finding out my skin is dehydrated and not dry. I wanted to see if it makes any difference to skin texture and if hydrated skin really looks plumper. I wasn't sure what to expect cause I have never tried smth so extreme like masking daily before. Hahaha of course I was tracking it with pictures. My camera roll is just filled with crazy upclose pics of my skin all day every day.

I used the circles to mark out the darker pitted scars and an odd red mole, so u girls can match the before/after. 

In the before, my skin was okay but if u have been a reader, u know I repeat this alot. My skin is just red all the time. I say 'okay' because it isn't breaking out or anything. It was as normal as I it could get, or at least thought it could. 

But with each day, I'm starting to see more effects from proper skincare steps and sheet-masking! My skin is way softer and it is so clear. U can see the difference yourself right. I'm not making it up on my head. 

It's looks less irritated even tho texture feels the same. It's definitely softer - this I can attest to. The most obvious difference is that my skin looks so much more plump.


My skin looks less irritated on most days, it calms down easier and I couldn't find a way to show y'all this, but like I mentioned, myskin is plumper? Not like I-put-on-weight-kinda plump lmao but like when I touch it, it has a bounce to it. The Koreans call it 'chok chok' but I find no association to the word and therefore, I can't link it in my head. Maybe more like QQ in Singapore terms hahaha 

I always thot I knew a lot about taking care of my skin but I'm totally relearning everything from scratch. 

I feel like the difference I see when I do the proper steps and use the right stuff, is just SO AMAZING. I've never felt better about my skin, and that says ALOT. The fact that I am actually seeing and recording improvements daily is still quite crazy to me #asianbeautyftw for realz

I mean, it's not perfect as u can see from pics but it's so much improvement!