NEW HGs!!! : Laneige White Dew Tone Up Cream (REVIEW) + #maskotd

This tub of cream is the most amazing thing a no-makeup day meets. I swear to u. I wasn't expecting anything much when I tried it cause u guys know my redness is intense. If it doesn't have coverage, it's probably not gonna make any difference on me, right? 

WRONG. Idk what tub of magic this is but just scroll.

It has the prettiest frosted blue packaging. I get so happy seeing it on my vanity table. The smell is also....*sighs happily. I love smelling Korean products before using them cause most of them smell soooooo heavenly. This one's v subtle so if u r not that big into fragrance, it's fine too. 

It is a white cream that you're supposed to use after moisturizing. It will even and brighten out ur skintone but not in a makeup way?? I really dk how to describe this. You can blend it out with ur hands or a sponge/puff. I prefer my fingers cause I think the natural heat works better.

I purposely chose a day where I was extra red (tmi TOTM is nearing and skin is being temperamental) and isn't this crazy. There's no edits to this at all okay. It's all the magic tub of cream. Can u imagine what it can do if my skin is just normal and behaving! 

When I first used it, I didn't see an immediate difference so I was like, hmm okay, let's see how it looks like on pics. This is why I take picture cause I can't trust my own eyes. 

And omg, after the product sits for awhile, it seemed to calm my redness down and made my skin brighter, more even and glowy.

I applied sunblock over (the cream has no spf) per usual and then went about my day. After 6 hours, I checked my skin and it wasn't oily at all. There's was still that even nice glow. Look at my reflection from the setting sun pls. 

I love it. I love this tub. I need more. 

My preciousssss.

Oh yes, but it is advised to remove this completely at night so this is preferably for day use! Make sure u remove all sunblock and base completely in the PM. 

I'm freeing up my crazy number of products to try out the White Dew Original Ampoule Essence and I'll review it soon!

Next up is a #maskotd review for this freaking miracle mask. 

Ok, but before I cont'd, I checked and this mask is not for sale but only available in a GWP set. BUT, I did find out that the mask is infused with Clear C Advanced Effector_EX essence. 

Copy & paste the benefits of this essence for y'all: 

- Vitamin booster with 92.5% super berry extracts that have clarifying effects, giving you a brighter complexion
- Liquid-type vitamin energy booster filled with “super berries” that moisturize skin inside and out
- Anti-oxidizing super berry extracts for skincare
- Clean and even brightening care
- Water-type booster for fast absorption

Wah omg it sounds damn good. I can definitely attest to the brighter complexion. 

If u watch my Instastory (@/beautypeadia), you would have seen me use the mask and alr know how surprised I was. 

When I first used it, I really didn't have a good impression cause firstly, the mask felt too sturdy and the fit was ultra weird. U know it's weird if I use the word 'ultra' okay. The forehead was super small, and I couldn't get it to fit my eyes properly. Plus the mask didn't feel like it had a lot of essence as well. 

But, omg, when I took off the mask and looked in the mirror, I had to blink twice. 

The glow i got was like, freaking blinding. The glow wasn't from the reflection of the leftover essence btw. It's legit my skin after I put my moisturizer.

My skin was really luminous (I don't use this word to describe my skin v often). I never had a mask do this before?? It's like the perfect day-before-wedding mask omg. 

I have another piece but I'm totally saving it cause I can't bear to use it hahaha. I'm so sad the essence is OOS on Lazada so I'm waiting patiently for it to restock. Pls restock soon 🙏🏼 I would soak two cotton pads and just wear it on my cheeks all day every day.

Nearly forgot about these babies! Omg they are damn cute, I die. The 3 new flavors are Grapefruit, Vanilla and Green Apple, and the original is Berry! 

I have talked about them a dozen times at least and I'm not gonna say no to new flavors. My husband is the most excited about this. He opened all of them up to smell and then proceeded to tell me that our next one is gonna be the Grapefruit one HAHAHAH wtf. Look at my current one. Gonna hit pan alr! 

As I sit and finished this up, I have a sheet mask on and it feels lovely cause it's snowing outside but my skin feels so soft and hydrated. I also have a thick layer of lip mask on and Saturdays are truly awesome pamper-days!