Dr. Wu Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid - Review

Been trying the Dr. Wu Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid and I'm actually really really enjoying! 

I know some of you girls here have tried the CNP and it just didn't work for you so here is somewhat an alternative. 

I love my acids. I LOVE THEM ALL. I get very excited trying new ones. Before I delve into this, I'm gonna condense whatever I found below regarding Mandelic Acid

 Introducing - Mandelic Acid 

Mandelic Acid is derived from bitter almonds and is considered an AHA. 

AHAs can accelerate skin cell turnover and improve texture overtime. They can also diminish the appearance of fine lines. If u wanna read more on AHAs, u find them here.

The good thing about MA is that despite it being an AHA, it's MUCH more gentler on skin and just as effective. It also contains anti-bacterial properties so it is suitable for blemish-prone skins! With anti-inflammatory properties plus its gentleness, it's often used in post-recovery after laser treatments. 

Normally AHAs are water-soluble but this, similar to BHA (Salicylic Acid) is oil-soluble, which means it can go deep into your pores and unclog it! 

Basically, if you are afraid of AHAs cause of the side effects (but still wanna try it), then this product should be right up your alley! 

I have the Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid but I think the star product is the Intensive Renewal Serum that comes with 18% of MA. I'll mention more about this later.

But since I only own the Daily one, I'll just review that for today.

I've only tried it out for 3 days and I can definitely see a difference! My outer pores are getting clearer and shrinking for sure. 

My Before is taken when I just got back from SG. It's not shown but the sides of my jawline was peppered with rash cause of how dry it was. I really, really detest airplane air. It drives my skin CRAZY. I can never be an SQ girl. I'll get so frustrated all the time just trying to balance out my skin.

Look at the extent of my dryness. Isn't it ridiculous. My chin. How is my chin so dry. I don't even skip moisturizing. Wtf. Sadddddd.

Ok sorry, I digress.

Not only that, my pores were out of control and my skin was actually very rough and textured. Zomg hated it. At that time, using the Foreo made my skin really dry so I had to stop it for awhile and CNP wasn't working for some reason. I hate it when my skin goes crazy and my usual products all stop working.

So anyw, after it calmed down and I could use my Foreo again, I started on the Dr. Wu Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid to make this as review as fair as possible! So yes, if CNP does crap for your skin, then this is another alternative if you are still looking for a leave-on peel to use! 

The immediate difference I could see was definitely shrinking pores and despite my skin being crazy ATM, it didn't irritate it or make it any worse. After 2 days of using it (both day and night), I could feel a difference in texture as well. My skin is softer and it looks clearer. 

I attribute the clearness to this cause I changed up my entire routine just to see if this works. 

Cleanse > Dr. Wu Daily Renewal Serum (I leave it on for 15-20 mins for it to sink) > Nuxe Multipurpose Dry Oil (as a moisturizer) 

Then just add sunscreen in the AM! So yes, I haven't added any serum or anything back else so this review is as fair as it gets! 

 Daily vs Intensive 

If your main concern is hyperpigmentation, I would suggest trying the INTENSIVE one. The intensive one is only meant to be used 2-3x a week, at night.

If your main concern is evening out of skintone and have blemish treatment at the same time, I would suggest the DAILY one.  But definitely wear sunblock.

This is slightly pricier than CNP so if cnp works for you, then you can skip this. If not, this can be a pretty neat alternative!