Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense Serum - REVIEW!

I have been SO EXCITED to share this product since last week. Lol. I normally take 2-3 weeks to fully test out a product (best timeline is 6 weeks but if I use 6 weeks, I’ll really never get around to writing anything), and take before/after pics in the meantime to show you all. 

I get a rush of excitement when it’s obvious in pics that the product is working. Sometimes, the difference is more subtle and I try to use my words but I try my best to use pics to the best I can. 

Anyw, for today’s product, I actually saw a diff in 12 hours. Not once, but repeatedly. And after using it for 2 weeks, I’ve seen quite a wonderful difference and I am ready to share. It’s a short period of time but I feel really confident about it. In fact, I’ve shared this with people I know who are comfortable with using acids and have been SELLING the shit out of this just cause it has worked so amazingly for me. 

This is a very in-depth post & I know I’m v naggy lah but do read it if u want to know more! I really included everything I know and gathered below!


This is the Skinceutical Age+Blemish Serum and it’s an acid. When the product manager contacted me and asked if I was interested in trying this product, I emailed them and asked them like, 837484 questions. 

I really would like to think that I have quite a deep understanding of skincare products - especially actives - so I really wanted to know more first before even trying. 

Thankfully, she answered all my questions patiently lol

I’m gonna share with you all what I’ve gathered from this product, some ingredient-talk, and then RESULTS!



This is a bottle of acid. LOL like the amount of acid in it is just wow. 

Just to make sure I don’t forget first - the pH of this is 3.5 - 4.5 so it’s in a really good range for the acids to work. This also means that this should be the first product to be applied. 

Should I repeat myself on acids lol. I feel so repetitive. Sorry to y’all who have read this 938383x:

After cleansing your skin, if you’re not using a pH-adjusting toner, give your skin a a couple of mins to adjust its pH back to normal (~5.5). Then apply acids in this order: Vit C > BHA > AHA and include a 20 min waiting time in between as that is the approx time for the pH to work on the skin and if u layer other products on immediately, it immediately reduces the efficacy period of the acid.

Acids are highly pH-dependent (which is really why they are called acid lah lol) so let the acid work!! I’ve been seeing a huge difference after including a waiting time for my acids. It’s time-consuming as heck, I get lesser sleep time but anything for SKIN lol. Don’t judge hahaha 

After the post, I’ll talk about how you should be using this, what should u NOT be mixing it with and where you can get it!! 


The product comes in a tinted bottle with a cap and a dropper packed separately. 

The consistency is a watery gel - very light viscosity texture.

There is 0.3% Capryoyl Salicylic Acid (also known as LHA) an ester of Salicylic Acid and 1.5% Salicylic Acid (BHA).

LHA has skin-conditioning properties that works by enhancing the appearance of damaged skin, reducing flakiness and restoring suppleness to the skin. It also works as a BHA - exfoliant, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. 

The exfoliant properties of LHA are really quite something - aside from exfoliation of skin cells, it also can help with skin thickening, collagen production, roughness, wrinkling and hyperpigmentation. However, since this is only at 0.3%, I’m not sure results are going to be that drastic since 2% is the preferred concentration. Still, this isn’t the only acid so that might also affect results. 

LHA and BHA are both oil-soluble and are able to penetrate deep through the epidermis to exfoliate the dead skin cells and excess oil built up in the pores. For this reason, capryloyl salicylic acid is frequently used to treat blackheads, whiteheads and acne. This ingredient also functions as both an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent so BYE, BLEMISHES 👋🏼

There is also a lesser known acid known as Dioic Acid, a derivative of Oleic Acid. It has the ability to reduce sebum production, kill acne-bacteria and regulate production of melanin. 

There’s a few recent studies I found comparing efficacy of Dioic Acid and Hydroquinone and it’s been found that 1% conc of DA is as significant as 2% conc of Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is known to irritate skin so this might be a good alternative! There’s actually 2% conc of DA in this bottle! 

And lastly, there’s FOUR PERCENT (4!!!) Glycolic and Citric Acid in this. CA is normally used as a pH adjuster and GA is a popular AHA as it has the smallest molecule to go deeper. GA is also really helpful with aging issues like pigmentation and lines. 

Overall, the main ingredients target what the bottle states - Age + Blemish! 

As for AHA and BHA combined, I was on the fence about that and idk how to feel about the answer provided. I normally separate my AHA and BHA application with a waiting time in between.

The reason being one is oil- and one is water-soluble. I can’t visualize nor understand how it works optimally when both ingredients are present in one product. However, it doesn’t mean I’m not gonna give this a shot. To me, more than often, is seeing results than just focusing on ingredient list.

When I received this in the mail, it was one week before my period so I was PMS-ing BADLY. Ever since I came back to SG, I’ve been suffering from hormonal cystic acne on my chin. I normally get 1-2 right before my period and oh my god lah, it freaking hurts like mad okay. I’ve been curbing them with Uriage K18 and TTO but it still takes like, 3-5 days (depending on how bad the acne is), to reduce in redness, size and pain. With K18T + TTO, it never gets bad but I can still feel it for sure.


3 hours after application, the pain level went down and I could significantly see a reduction in redness.

I applied it at night and then once more in the day, and after ~18 hours, the swollen inflammation underneath was almost gone, and there was NO pain whatsoever. I mean, I’m just gonna let the rest of the pictures do the talking. There’s quite a few 👇🏼


A week later, I saw a big improvement in texture and my blackhead. Again, the picture is really gonna do more justice than my words.


This is after 2 weeks of use.


One more! 

A little of this goes a LOOOOOOONG way. I pat this all over my face and give it a 20-30 min waiting time before layering my hydrating toner and so on. 

Even for me - someone who uses multiple acids on a daily basis, I still get tingling with this product. There’s ALOT of alcohol in this and normally, I’m really urrgh and NO on using that much alcohol but since this is a first product and alcohol helps product absorption, I know I can major hydrate straight after. 

And yes, I really would advise on major major hydration just so u can reduce dryness and allow the hydration to help your barrier heal too. 

🌟🌟🌟If you are new to acid and/or have sensitive skin, pls patch test for at least a week or two right below your ear/neck area, start REALLY slow - apply at night and space it out 2-3 nights apart. Pls pls pls be very light handed. 

If you have CLOGGED skin, pls be aware that this highly likely, might cause purging. I do have a post on 🔺purging VS reaction🔻 on so pls read that first if you want a clarification okay. There’s a site search bar so just key in that and you will be able to find it. 

Aside from that, if you’re familiar with acids and have no issues working with it your own way, I would HIGHLY recommend this. 

Instead of using it all over your face first, you can just use it as a spot treatment first and see how well it’s working for u. In my case, I do feel like it worked EXTREMELY well on cystic acne and more meh-ish on regular zits with a head. I absolutely dk why but that’s the case. 

It personally reduced my blackheads and cleaned out my pores sooooo well. There was a significant improvement in texture and roughness and my skin is so soft to the touch. 

If you use retinol, don’t mix it with AHA/BHA aka this product. I use this on my tzone in the day, and retinol at night. U can alternate between days too. I know I’m repeating myself but pls take this slowly. 

If u are using Vit C, then as mentioned above, Vit C goes on first, include a 20 min waiting time and then this product goes on after. However, I personally wouldn’t layer so many acid at a time. U can do Vit C in the day and this at night as well. 

I don’t see a need to layer this with multiple other forms of AHA or BHA as well. If you are alr using one that works well for you, my motto is don’t fix what isn’t broken.

I can’t tell you how often u should be using this or other acids/actives because it really depends on ur skin type. I have no issues using acids/actives daily and more than once daily, in fact. Some people can only take it once in a few days. Just observe your skin and you will have a better idea than me. PLS BE V CAREFUL 🙏🏼

Pls note that all skins are different so it might work v differently for u. As mentioned, this worked well for me for cystic acne and blackheads but not as well on regular zits. It might be different for u. Also, it’s a really strong acid so go slow, go light, patch test and just be really careful. 

This is truly one of my HG acid right now and I’m in the midst of testing out their Vit C. I’ve tried a 20% conc one before and it was abit too much for my skin to take so pretty excited about this 10% one! Keeping my fingers crossed hehe 

The product ($178) can be bought from:
1. TTSH Main Pharmacy
2. TTSH Online Pharmacy (