Testing 10 cleansers' pH levels!

So yesterday, my dad passed me two booklets of pH strips cause I really just wanna test the cleansers I own. These are just a few~ I tested 10 in total! 

A low-pH cleanser is highly necessary to maintain our skin’s acidity of 5.5. A cleanser that’s too alkaline will create an environment for acne-bacteria to thrive and ain’t nobody got time for that shit pls. 

To test the pH, u can’t just dip the strips into the cleanser cause that’s not accurate. You actually got to mix the cleanser with water cause that’s how you would actually wash your face - with water. Then I dip the strip into and set it aside to dry. 

I was genuinely surprised at some of the results. Also to make sure that the strips are working properly - I found two products to use as Control. LOLOLOL like real scientific test okay.


Some of the cleansers that went thru the test!


I used a Vit C product and a packet of floor wipes with Sesqui Sodium Bicarbonate (supposedly more alkaline than baking soda). 

The Vit C product’s strip turned up between 2-3 and the wipes in between 9-10. Okay ah?? Works relatively well! 

I’m really purely doing this for fun and not to find out the exact pH value lah. This is pure estimation cause it’s strips and not a tool-measurement.


I know the lighting is not the best and I can see the difference better irl, but just wanted to give you all a look! I’ll state below the estimation/results I gathered! 

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser: 5-6
Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser: 4-5
LRP Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel: 5.6
SKII FT Gentle Cleanser: 4-5
Laneige Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser:6-7

Laneige Mini Pore Double Cleansing Foam: 7-8
Mamonde Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam: 7-8
Orbis Powder Wash+: 6-7
Laneige Moisture_EX Foam Cleanser: 8-9
Laneige Multi Cleanser_EX: 7-8

The pH of my HG Neutrogena Cleanser DELIGHTS me!!! I know I wasn’t wrong about it. It has an even lower pH compared to the Cosrx one and I’m mighty pleased about that. The strip is very very similar to the SKII cleanser’s strip and I’ve tried the SKII one a couple of times but my heart truly and solely belongs to the Neutrogena one. I’ve tried a bunch of cleansers and just go right back to it. 

None of these are as harsh as I thought but some of the Laneige’s cleansers are just not within the range I would personally refer. The only one that is decent in range is the cleanser in the Fresh Calming line.

Surprisingly, I was expecting the Orbis Powder Wash to be really alkaline but it’s in a pretty neutral range for a foam cleanser! It’s not meant to be used daily so it’s fine.

I tested the Cosrx cleanser cause I happened to have that on hand. There’s lists out there with many cleansers’ pH tested by many kind souls alr! I think from here on out, I’m just gon be testing the newer ones hehe

Cleansing is the basic foundation for good skin so a good cleanser is highly necessary to provide the right direction. If your skin is not in a suitable environment and encourages acne bacteria to thrive on, then no amount of good, expensive skincare will help lah (I feel). There’s plenty of good low-pH cleansers even in drugstores like the Cosrx, Hada Labo one etc. so it’s not really a big investment. Okay, wah today’s post damn anyhow really.

I would love to test more cleansers but how ah. It’d be crazy if I get ppl to mail me cleansers, I feel hahaha