Naruko Raw Job's Tears Night Gelly - Review

So we are gonna be talking about sleeping masks todaaaaay~ 

When Laneige came out with the sleeping mask, I shared one with my mama. That was my very first experience with it and TBH, I think I just didn't do much research or wtv beforehand. I was a teenager at that time so forgive me haha 

I didn't hate it but I didn't love it too. My skin was oily-combi back in SG and worse during the teenage years. So my skin never felt dry. Like, I was perma-oily lah pls 😳

Anyw, ever since my CNP + Foreo pairing is doing great for my skin, I feel like my skin is so much more balanced and just, yay. So of cuz, 犯贱 and still nit-picky, I now wanna solve my dry skin from Boston's wind. 

I've always mentioned this and I still stand by it. Skin changes as we age and as we travel or live in places with diff climates. I NEVER get oily skin in Boston. Like, never. It's dry-normal when I'm here and now I gotta fix that.

So I've actually been religiously incorporating the Laneige Sleeping Mask again for the past 3 weeks and every morning, I feel less tightness and more hydrated in general. From the bottom of my heart, I thank the CNP + Foreo too. HAHAHAHAH 

And when Dayre went mad with Naruko, erm duh I also must?! Is it #FOMO?? Not really leh. It's more of a 'I WANT GOOD SKIN' mentality and who don't want that?? 

Sigh, it's v hard for people with good/normal skin to understand. My husband don't get it! He stares at the medicine cabinet in awe each time I get started on my skincare routine. But his skin is AMAZEBALLS? No need to lessen dairy or sugar or crap food at all and just naturally blessed. No need for salicylic acid? NO FAAAAIIIRRR.

Sooo I got these babies! Picked the Raw Job's Tears Gelly and a variety of masks! 

I don't really really really like sheet masks but decided to give these a try anyway. It came as one set and I like that one of each is included so I can decide which one I prefer after trying. 

But today, I wanted to show u guys straight-up from just one use of the night gelly and my first impressions.

My skin is really behaving after Foreo + CNP and I didn't expect it to get better. And I know the picture is not obvious and I tried to get a better pic but this is the best I got. So let me elaborate. 

I personally don't see any diff in my pore size as of the first use but my skin is DEFINITELY 100% brighter. I was so amazed?? I kept going under the sun and just looking at my skin but I swear I'm not imagining it! 

My skin is rather dry here which also means my unevenness is v much emphasized and today, my skin tone is overall much more even! After 1 use leh! 

I don't feel any difference in softness but I can't complain cause omg my skin is now baby-butt smooth so I'm v v happy and thankful.